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Book of Mormon Origins – If Not Angels Then Who?

April 26, 2014

Anyone who has expressed doubts regarding the story of the Book of Mormon will probably have been met with the question, “Well if Joseph didn’t get it from the angel how do you explain the Book of Mormon?” Today the Book of Mormon does seem an unusual book that appears to have sprung from nowhere…. Read More ›

General Conference April 2014 – Saturday Afternoon Session by Stephen Livings

I have chosen in this review to focus on the final talk of the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference. This talk was given by Quentin L. Cook. I will simply be responding to what I consider to be key parts of his talk with brief thoughts and reflections. 1. “Hastening family history and temple… Read More ›

Book of Mormon Origins – The Bible, by Mike Thomas

This is the first of a short series we are going through this year on where Joseph Smith may have found some inspiration from in his creation of the Book of Mormon. Many people say how could Smith have simply made it all up? We share the view that he did no such thing, there… Read More ›


January 2014 Ensign Review, by Vicky Gilpin

Having read through this months Ensign Magazine I’ve decided to focus my attentions on this one article.  LATTER-DAY SAINT VOICES May I Read That Book? Neil R. Cardon, Utah, USA   In this article Cardon tells of a conversation he had whilst on mission, this conversation resulted in the conversion of the man he was speaking… Read More ›

The Book of Mormon: Should Christians Pray About It?

Here is another great video from my friend Shazaloo, looking at the issue of praying about the book of Mormon, please leave any thoughts below.


The Book of Mormon prophesied in the Bible – right? by Thaddeus Irvine.

One day, two well-dressed and pleasantly spoken members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) come to your door and offer you the chance to study the Bible with them.  This used to consist of 6 ‘Discussions’, although the format is now less formal and is based on the manual, ‘Preach My… Read More ›

I agree with Moroni 8:18!!

Today is I agree with Moroni 8:18 day, Moroni 8:18 is a scripture from the Book of Mormon that yet again teaches something Christian and biblical that goes against modern day Mormonism, here is what it says “For I know that God is not a partial God, neither a changeable being; but he is unchangeable… Read More ›

Joseph Smith first vision

Biblical Theology in the Book of Mormon

While it can be said there are many things within Mormonism that cause many problems when compared with the bible, such as God once being a man, men becoming Gods, etc etc its interesting to note that the book of Mormon itself does not have much, if any of these problems, in fact there are… Read More ›

Joseph Smith

Book of Mormon Influences, Smithism’s

While there is no doubt the biggest influence Joseph Smith used for the Book of Mormon is the bible, research has shown that this was by no means the only source that Joseph Smith used in crafting the book of Mormon. As I have said before the Mormon church portrays Joseph Smith as an unlearned,… Read More ›

Bible and Book of Mormon

Book Of Mormon influences, Part 1

The book of Mormon is 531 pages long, and like the bible each page is divided into two columns, understandably when questioned about the authenticity of the Book of Mormon, Mormon Missionaries will say how could Joseph Smith the one that translated and then dictated the contents of this book to those that wrote it… Read More ›


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