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Meet Michael McAlpine

December 4, 2013

One of the best parts of having a website like this I am finding is not what goes on, on the site itself, but actually the contacts I make as a result of having this web presence. Every now and then someone gets in touch who is some way through their journey of going from… Read More ›


BYU Professor leaves Mormonism for Jesus.

Recently there has been a really excellent book release called Unveiling Grace by Lynn Wilder. Lynn was an LDS member and during some of that time a BYU professor. In many years of reading many books of this kind this is easily one of the best. There is an excellent insight into Utah Mormon life,… Read More ›

Adam’s Road Band, Micah Wilder’s Testimony

Just amazing, this is well worth a watch! This shows just how worthwhile it is to witness to Mormon Missionaries.

Sandra Tanner’s Testimony

    This is a great couple of videos for anyone that has not seen this. Sandra Tanner who is actually a great, great grandaughter of Brigham Young and is also a co-founder of one of the earliest Christian Ministries to Mormons, shares her story.

Concerned Christians

Concerned Christians Conference 2013

Hey all for those of you who don’t know Concerned Christians, a ministry led by Andy Poland based in Arizona that seeks to reach out to Mormons, had their conference in the last month or so, you can catch the talks on youtube here. Of particular interest to me was Shawn Mccraney sharing his story… Read More ›

Unveiling Grace

Hi all for any of you who havent seen this, its the stories of a number of people who left the LDS Church and turned to faith in Christ, its a really well done video with some great stories. Enjoy.

Chris Dec 2010

My Story In and Out of Mormonism

Hi all below is the story of my new friend Chris Ralph and His journey in and recently out of Mormonism, enjoy and please leave any comments and questions. In order to explain my journey out, I must also explain my journey into Mormonism just over 40 years ago. This is unavoidably long, so I… Read More ›

Testimony of a Mormon Bishop.

This is an amazing testimony I have come across recently of a faithful Mormon of 60+ years, serving various callings including being a bishop being confronted by the many issues of Mormon History and responding in a very interesting way. This video is a snippet from a recent episode of heart of the matter hosted… Read More ›

Cheryl Hazell

Testimony of a New Christian.

Hi please read below Cheryl’s story, Cheryl is someone we met recently at a local LDS ward, this is her story if going from Mormonism to Christ. TESTIMONY I CAN STILL BE ME AND WORSHIP GOD! BY CHERYL HAZELL   Hi, my name is Cheryl Hazell and I have been a part of Middlesbrough Community… Read More ›

UK Bishops resignation letter

Its not often I would just do a cut and paste as a post, but I came across this and found it interesting, its a resignation letter of a Mormon Bishop from Helston ward in the UK to his Stake President, this ex Mormon Bishop no longer believes in the LDS church due to him… Read More ›


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