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God Is Most Glorified In Us When We Are Most Satisfied In Him.

April 22, 2014

  I believe that God is the most glorious being that exists. That He by nature exists, and always has, and is acts according to His own good pleasure in all that He does. God’s primary goal is His own glory. All that He does, all that He allows to happen is permeated with this… Read More ›

The Miracle of Forgiveness Ch. 2 reviewed by Stephen Livings

This second chapter is entitled ‘No Unclean Thing Can Enter’ and therefore it focuses largely on sin.  In fact it dwells on the vast swathes of sin of which humans are capable.  Anyone brought up in the LDS faith knows very well this obsession with sin.  This personal striving to rid ourselves of sinful behaviour… Read More ›


Mormon Authority Quote of the Week, Exalting Man!

Joseph Fielding Smith “We should fully and sincerely comprehend the fact that no requirement, request, or commandment made of man by the Father or the Son is given except for the purpose of advancing man on the path of eternal perfection.” (Doctrines of Salvation p.155)


Who glorifies who?

Recently I was listening to a great preach by Mark Driscoll a church leader in Seattle and he said something that got me thinking about Mormonism. “Do you exist to glorify God, or does God exist to glorify you” (Paraphrase) he went on to say “Is our greatest need that we should show forth all… Read More ›


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