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Review of “The Significance of the Sacrament” Chapter of 2014 Manual, by Gary Carter.

July 26, 2014

  In this chapter review of the Teaching of Joseph Fielding Smith (JFS), we shall be focusing on the Sacrament of Communion. This chapter of JFS’s teaching is particularly interesting given the overlap of teaching between orthodox Christianity and Mormonism in terms of the importance of the sacrament and the necessity of the sacrament as… Read More ›

Joseph Fielding Smith manual – Chapter 10: Our Search for Truth reviewed by Stephen Livings

Having been given free rein to pick a chapter from this year’s LDS adult Sunday School manual to review, I decided to see what would be being taught near the time my post was due to go online. I discovered that it was chapter 10, entitled: ‘Our Search for Truth’. The title seems entirely appropriate,… Read More ›


Joseph Fielding Smith Manual – Sealing Power and Temple Blessings – By Gary Carter

 Chapter 17 Review of the 2014 Teaching Manual. See chapter here. We live in an age where the differences between religions, denominations and sects are blurring. Those who subscribe to the pluralistic point of view would argue that there is no fundamental difference between any of the major world religions. There is movement of ecumenism… Read More ›

Joseph Fielding Smith Manual – Faith and Repentance – By Gary Carter

  May I extend the blessings of this New Year to you. This year, we will not be focusing as much on the Teaching Manual this year, so we will not be following the Teachings of Joseph Fielding Smith in strict chapter order. Instead we will be selecting some highlighted chapters of great interest and… Read More ›


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