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Is Joseph Smith Worthy Of Worship?

January 16, 2016

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith? That’s a question that has been asked of many a Mormon, and in many cases the Mormon will kind of groan inside, and very honestly say “No we absolutely do not”! They will then explain that they worship only God and they will then likely emphasise the significance of Christ… Read More ›

Lorenzo Snow Manual review, Chapter 23, The Prophet Joseph Smith by Stephen Livings

The chapter I have been assigned to review is something of a gift really.  The title and content of this chapter go to the heart of what most mainstream Christians would say is one of their main bones of contention when addressing the beliefs and claims of Mormonism, namely the LDS church’s emphasis on Joseph… Read More ›

Praise to the Man

Praise To The Man.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith? This is a question many Mormons would find laughable and is only something that would be asked by someone with a very limited knowledge of Mormonism surely? This is the response to this question that can be found on some Mormon Websites In addition to reverencing prophets and apostles, Mormons believe,… Read More ›


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