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Feelings, Feelings, Feelings!

January 24, 2012

Above is a video recently put out by the Mormon Church,  with a number of good looking individuals with nice music in the background talking about how through their feelings inside them, the Holy Ghost regularly reassures them that everything is ok, and that the gospel, meaning the Mormon Church is true. This idea finds… Read More ›


Epistemology – The Mormon Testimony

I am sure the first question most reading this is, what is epistemology? Sounds like it could be a swear word in some countries. Epistemology is how you come to believe the things that you believe. Or how do you know the things you know? It can be as simple as how do you know… Read More ›

Must you really be perfect?

In the last of my 4 posts on what I see as the fundamental issues that Christians should discuss with Mormons I want to look at what in a lot of ways must be the hardest part of being a Mormon. For LDS members reading this I want you to know this post in particular… Read More ›


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