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The Miracle of Forgiveness Chapter 5 reviewed by Stephen Livings

May 3, 2014

Here we are then, once again ready to delve into the murky world of sin. We are really starting to get to the nitty gritty now, since this chapter is entitled: ‘The Sin Next to Murder’. The first sentence in this chapter states: “There are sins which are so serious that we know of no… Read More ›

The Miracle of Forgiveness Ch. 2 reviewed by Stephen Livings

This second chapter is entitled ‘No Unclean Thing Can Enter’ and therefore it focuses largely on sin.  In fact it dwells on the vast swathes of sin of which humans are capable.  Anyone brought up in the LDS faith knows very well this obsession with sin.  This personal striving to rid ourselves of sinful behaviour… Read More ›

Mormonism’s “Living prophets”

As we anticipate the Mormon annual conference this coming weekend it is good to remember the message of Mormonism centres on “living prophets”. John Taylor, third Mormon president, wrote, “the principle of present revelation…is the very foundation of our religion” (Journal of Discourses, p.371). Elder Joseph W. McMurrin was one of the First Seven Presidents… Read More ›


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