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Bobby Gilpin Speaking On Mormonism

January 12, 2015

  Hey there all we had a fun morning on Saturday gone where I delivered a 3 part session on Mormonism and witnessing to Mormons. I was able to spend longer on the subject than I usually do which was a lot of fun. I know this won’t be for everyone but I just wanted… Read More ›

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Happy New Year All – Lots Coming In 2015

Hi there all, happy new year to you, I hope you had a great Christmas and you are all ready for another year of lifes ups and downs and all that brings. I know I am. Well I just wanted to give a little update on what’s coming both as a blog and a ministry… Read More ›

Bobby Teaching on Mormonism at Stockport Evangelical Church

We had a great time the other night at Stockport Evangelical Church, for anyone interested the full talk is above. You can also get the audio below. Teaching at local Churches and Christian organizations such as Bible Colleges is a key part of our ministry. If you would like to have one of us come… Read More ›


Happy New Year all!

Happy New Year everyone, just to let you know our Christmas break is over and we are back up and running. In the coming year we have lots planned for this blog so please start coming here often. Here is some of what we have lined up. Looking more at what is a Christian and… Read More ›


Bobby on the Fair Podcast

Some of you may remember a while ago we had Ned Scharisbrick from the FairMormon Podcast do an episode responding to some articles on this blog. This was a great chance to have some online communication with Ned. In the process of this he very kindly offered to have me go on his podcast and… Read More ›

Dinner with Missionaries.

Bobby speaking at the Apologetics in Manchester Event.

Hey all you may have seen that I was speaking at the Apologetics in Manchester Event recently, on the issue of reaching out to Mormons. For those that missed it and might have liked to have heard it please check out the audio below. Also our very own Tony Brown is speaking there on the… Read More ›

UK Partnerships for Christ E-Newsletter

Hi all just a quick Admin post. Our ministry UK Partnerships for Christ are going to start sending out regular E-Newsletters soon, this will be a way for you to keep up to date with the many other aspects of our ministry other than just the on-line stuff, please sign up by clicking here.

Bobby, Dialogue with a Mormon Part 2

Hi all below is part 2 of my recent discussion with Charles Dayton on Unbelievable, the Saturday Afternoon Apologetics discussion show on Premier Christian Radio. Mormon Dialogue pt 2 – LDS doctrine, (right click to download, or just click to listen) Part 1 can be found here


Bobby, Dialogue with a Mormon Part 1

Hi all below is the first part of my dialogue with LDS member Charles Dayton looking at various parts of Mormonism on “Unbelievable”, the Apologetics show on Premier Christian Radio. Please enjoy and leave any thoughts or questions. Unbelievable – Mormon Dialogue pt 1 – Joseph Smith (right click to download, or just click to… Read More ›


Apologetics 315 Interview

Hey for anyone who may have missed it here is the audio file of my recent interview on Mormonism on the Apologetics 315 Podcast. interview with Bobby Gilpin On Apologetics 315 Podcast. Thanks


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