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Utah 2014 Trip Final Thoughts

July 2, 2014

  Well its all over, I was in Utah for about 11 days I think, and had a really great trip. I fully intended to do various posts while I was there but did not end up having the time. Which I guess is a good thing. For the first half of the trip I… Read More ›

Speaking of Excommunication

One thing that has certainly been making the news during my time in Utah is the recent excommunication of Kate Kelly, founder of the Ordain Women movement. As well John Dehlin of Mormon Stories Podcast and Alan Rock Waterman of the Pure Mormonism Blog have been given notice of possible excommunication, outcome pending. Kate Kelly… Read More ›


Utah 2014 Update 1

Hey all just a quick one. I made it to Utah on Thursday afternoon, should have been Wednesday but had a nightmare at Chicago Airport, where my flight was cancelled due to the thunderstorms there. That’s a first for me and was no fun at all, but got a hotel provided by the airline and… Read More ›


Utah 2014 Trip Is Here

  Well this is it, less than 24 hours to go and I will be on my way to Utah for my 4th mission trip there. The purpose of this trip is to have some great witnessing encounters with some of the LDS community, and to have some great times with some Christian friends. Doing… Read More ›

20 Days to go till Utah!

Hey there all, in 20 days time I will start my 20 hour, 3 flight journey to Utah for my 4th mission trip there. Please be praying for me that this is a great trip, with lots of chances to witness to people, and be encouraged and equipped for my ministry efforts here in the… Read More ›


Two Months To Go!

    Today is a special day. As well as being Good-Friday (which is of course much more significant) It is now just two months until I leave for my 4th Mission trip to Utah. From the 18th to the 30th of June I will be leaving jolly old England and coming to Utah in… Read More ›


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