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Evangelical Times Article

November 17, 2010

Hey all thought you might be interested to have a look at this Article about my Utah Trip I had in this months Evangelical Times in the UK. It gives a bit of background as to why I am doing all this as well. If you click on it, it becomes a bit more readable.

Utah Trip Video

Hi all just to invite you to watch this Video put together by my friend John Merilatt from Ephesians 2 Ministry, just showing some pictures from my trip and an appearance on a certain Utah based Christian TV show, normal post to resume again soon.

Utah trip almost over, reflections.

Well I have one day left and then I am back home to sunny North East of England. This has been easily my favourite ministry trip of any kind and I have done a lot more learning than I have, shall we say teaching this week. I have been to a session of general conference,… Read More ›

Thomas Monson, current Mormon Prophet

General Conference

Hello everyone, well I did intend on doing a daily post while in Utah but I did not account for how busy I would be, having a great time meeting many people and visiting the key LDS spots such as temple square, institute classes, provo, amongst others. I also managed to get tickets for the… Read More ›


Utah here I come!!!

Hi there I am Bobby and host this blog and for anyone visiting thanks for dropping in. Some people have questioned why I call this blog Mormonism Investigated when clearly I come from a different faith which is Evangelical Christianity (meaning I trust the bible for truth and measure all against that.) And that I… Read More ›


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