Rules for comments

  • Always show respect to the people you are talking to, even if you strongly feel there are problems with what someone stands for, never blame it on that person and disrespect them for what they hold to be sacred. By all means challenge but with respect to the fact that you are speaking to a person.
  • Don’t make big statements without backing them up, if you think Joseph Smith was a fraud, if you think the bible is corrupted or even if you think Jesus was a spaceman that’s all fine, just tell us why and not just throw out big statements to fire up a discussion or person. If you are just expressing an opinion that you would struggle to back up, this is fine just say so.
  • When we are discussing on here I want to hear what you think, not just what some leader has said, so by all means use quotes and links to illustrate why you think something, but don’t just respond to questions with links or quotes.
  • From time to time we get LDS people just simply stating the falsehoods of my position. Not stating why its false but just simply stating “the truth will prevail in the end”, these comments offer no substance for discussion and will be deleted.

All first time commenters will need to be approved first, this is really just to stop spamming, everyone who comments here will have a chance to have their say in full unless they are abusive or breach the above points. Sometimes a comment will automatically go to the moderation queue even if you have posted before. This is an error that sometimes happens and your comment will soon be authorised as long as nothing above is breached.

Please email me on [email protected] if there are issues with any of these.


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