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Michael McAlpine’s Story Part 2

You may wonder what has happened to me and my family once I decided to leave the Mormon Church. That was September 2012 and so about 15 months ago. I left, but the family continues to attend. I don’t think it is too unusual to find LDS families with some children who no longer attend… Read More ›


Bobby on the Fair Podcast

Some of you may remember a while ago we had Ned Scharisbrick from the FairMormon Podcast do an episode responding to some articles on this blog. This was a great chance to have some online communication with Ned. In the process of this he very kindly offered to have me go on his podcast and… Read More ›

Lorenzo Snow Manual review, Chapter 22, Doing Good to Others. by Vicky Gilpin

  “Cultivate a spirit of charity; be ready to do for others more than you would expect from them if circumstances were reversed.” Obviously doing good to others is a good and Godly principle. LDS, like main stream Christians seek to follow this biblical principle of Charity and service, loving your neighbour, treating others as… Read More ›


Help Bobby Go To Utah in 2014

Hey there all. As many who have been reading this blog for a while will know, I have been to Utah on mission trips for 3 years running between 2010 and 2012. These have been seriously some of the best times of my life. I have been on a daily basis actively involved in reaching… Read More ›


Interview with Russ East

Hi there all this is just a quick update to let you know that we have Russ East currently staying in the UK for a few days. Russ runs our parent ministry Utah Partnerships for Christ.  Today I recorded an interview with Russ that has gone onto our ministry podcast talking about what he does… Read More ›

Review of Teachings of Lorenzo Snow chapter 20: The Kingdom of God Moves Forward

For this review I am going to focus on the part of the chapter entitled Teachings of Lorenzo Snow and not look at the beginning of the chapter entitled From the Life of Lorenzo Snow.  I have chosen to do this for two reasons: firstly, I feel that my role in writing this post is… Read More ›


Ensign Review – October 2013, by Gary Carter

  When I come to review an edition to Ensign magazine, I am always struck by how to review a magazine that covers a great many topics and areas for analysis. In this particular edition, two particular themes struck me. The first occurs in the article ‘The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Creator’ where the… Read More ›


October 2013 General Conference Review, Relief Society session by Vicky Gilpin.

Finally we reach the Relief Society, This years Relief Society talks focus on the issue of Covenant keeping. The first talk was by Linda K Burton, Relief Society General President, and was entitled The Power Joy and Love of covenant Keeping. Linda begins with the story of a Woman preparing for Baptism she commends this women… Read More ›


General Conference Review, October 2013 – Sunday Afternoon Session, by Stephen Livings

Firstly, I have to say that I am very jealous of MikeTea getting to write a response to a talk given by Randy D Funk.  I would have filled plenty of lines just commenting on what a great name he has! From the Sunday Afternoon Session, I have chosen to focus on a talk given… Read More ›

Teachings of Lorenzo Snow Manual, Chapter 16 by Gary Carter

Chapter 16 – That We May Become One This chapter is a perfect example of how deep we have to go sometimes to distinguish the differences between Christianity and Mormonism. Snow is stressing the need for unity within the Saints and there should be no conflict between them. As a theme and a rule for… Read More ›


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