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General Conference Review, October 2013 – Sunday Afternoon Session, by Stephen Livings

Firstly, I have to say that I am very jealous of MikeTea getting to write a response to a talk given by Randy D Funk.  I would have filled plenty of lines just commenting on what a great name he has! From the Sunday Afternoon Session, I have chosen to focus on a talk given… Read More ›


Anti-Mormon? The Mormon “Great Game”

Following the peaceful and successful Christian witness at the Mormon British Pageant held at the Mormon temple in Lancashire (right) and led by this ministry (see previous posts for reports) the inevitable and inevitably amateur response has appeared on the internet. The usual name-calling has been going on, one favourite being “protesters,” which brought a… Read More ›


Day 7 of the reach out to Mormons – Review

Day 7 of the reach out to Mormons – Review Day 7 saw more good discussions with the Mormons. A lot of people have a lot of respect for the fact that we are trying to share truth with them. We had a number of discussions as well that where a little bit more “heated”… Read More ›

Is Mormonism Ditching prophets 2: Sack the Seers, Summon the Scholars

Last time I asked, “Is Mormonism ditching prophets?” we looked at the fact that Mormonism taught and practiced racial discrimination as a key doctrine for almost 140 years of its 180 year history. What is surprising is that today’s Mormon prophets insist they have no idea where this teaching originated, or why it was taught,… Read More ›

The Book of Mormon: Should Christians Pray About It?

Here is another great video from my friend Shazaloo, looking at the issue of praying about the book of Mormon, please leave any thoughts below.


The Book of Mormon prophesied in the Bible – right? by Thaddeus Irvine.

One day, two well-dressed and pleasantly spoken members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) come to your door and offer you the chance to study the Bible with them.  This used to consist of 6 ‘Discussions’, although the format is now less formal and is based on the manual, ‘Preach My… Read More ›

Testimony of a Mormon Bishop.

This is an amazing testimony I have come across recently of a faithful Mormon of 60+ years, serving various callings including being a bishop being confronted by the many issues of Mormon History and responding in a very interesting way. This video is a snippet from a recent episode of heart of the matter hosted… Read More ›

UK Bishops resignation letter

Its not often I would just do a cut and paste as a post, but I came across this and found it interesting, its a resignation letter of a Mormon Bishop from Helston ward in the UK to his Stake President, this ex Mormon Bishop no longer believes in the LDS church due to him… Read More ›

I agree with Moroni 8:18!!

Today is I agree with Moroni 8:18 day, Moroni 8:18 is a scripture from the Book of Mormon that yet again teaches something Christian and biblical that goes against modern day Mormonism, here is what it says “For I know that God is not a partial God, neither a changeable being; but he is unchangeable… Read More ›

Joseph Smith

Book of Mormon Influences, Smithism’s

While there is no doubt the biggest influence Joseph Smith used for the Book of Mormon is the bible, research has shown that this was by no means the only source that Joseph Smith used in crafting the book of Mormon. As I have said before the Mormon church portrays Joseph Smith as an unlearned,… Read More ›


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