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Review of Teachings of Lorenzo Snow chapter 20: The Kingdom of God Moves Forward

For this review I am going to focus on the part of the chapter entitled Teachings of Lorenzo Snow and not look at the beginning of the chapter entitled From the Life of Lorenzo Snow.  I have chosen to do this for two reasons: firstly, I feel that my role in writing this post is… Read More ›

Lorenzo Snow–18 Church Leadership and Selfless Service, by Mike Thomas

This month’s chapter is hard to critique and that is no bad thing. There is no spite in what we are doing here, we don’t find fault for the sake of it. The truth is the truth whoever speaks it and a call to selfless service is no bad thing. There is much here to… Read More ›


Anti-Mormon? The Mormon “Great Game”

Following the peaceful and successful Christian witness at the Mormon British Pageant held at the Mormon temple in Lancashire (right) and led by this ministry (see previous posts for reports) the inevitable and inevitably amateur response has appeared on the internet. The usual name-calling has been going on, one favourite being “protesters,” which brought a… Read More ›

August 2013 Ensign Review by Stephen Livings

  For this month’s Ensign review, I have chosen to focus on an article entitled: “Worlds without Number” by R. Val Johnson. The tagline to this article is: “The heavens declare the glory of God.” which is a quotation from the first verse of Psalm 19. Sounds very Christian and something we should all be… Read More ›


Day 6 of the reach out to Mormons – Review

Day 6 (Wednesday) of the reach out to Mormons – Review Day 6 saw another amazing evening in reaching out to Mormons. Lachlan came down again to join us and had some good chats…     I managed to take on 4 missionaries at the same time… Exodus 15:2 – The Lord is my strength and… Read More ›

Why does Bobby Gilpin reach out to Mormons?

Hey all, some of you may have noticed me linking to Russ Bale’s  interview by Suzanne Witt the other day on why he reaches out to Mormons. Yesterday I was also interviewed by Suzanne on why I do this, please see that interview above. I thought this would be helpful as this is a question I… Read More ›

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Teachings of the prophet Lorenzo Snow, Chapter 9, “Sacred Family Relationships” By Vicky Gilpin

In this Chapter Lorenzo admonishes the Church to come together seeking a oneness in their families. He advises parents to act in such a way that they can truly say to their children, ‘do as I do,’ as well as ‘do as I say.’ He encourages Husbands particularly to be kind to their wives. Within… Read More ›

The Great Apostasy

The Great Apostasy? – By Vicky Gilpin

According to LDS Teachings there was a Great apostasy, a falling away from the truth. A time where the early Christian church disintegrated into nothing , and therefore according to LDS doctrine, leaving no priesthood authority upon the earth and leaving Christianity in a fallen state with no authority. LDS Apostle B. H. Roberts wrote,… Read More ›


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