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The Miracle of Forgiveness Chapter 3, Reviewed by Stephen Livings

This third chapter is entitled ‘None Righteous, No, Not One’ and its purpose is to make it very plain that we are all sinful. Spencer Kimball’s first point here is to suggest that, in general, people are far better at recognising the sins of others and the fact that others ought to repent, rather than… Read More ›


January 2014 Ensign Review, by Vicky Gilpin

Having read through this months Ensign Magazine I’ve decided to focus my attentions on this one article.  LATTER-DAY SAINT VOICES May I Read That Book? Neil R. Cardon, Utah, USA   In this article Cardon tells of a conversation he had whilst on mission, this conversation resulted in the conversion of the man he was speaking… Read More ›


BYU Professor leaves Mormonism for Jesus.

Recently there has been a really excellent book release called Unveiling Grace by Lynn Wilder. Lynn was an LDS member and during some of that time a BYU professor. In many years of reading many books of this kind this is easily one of the best. There is an excellent insight into Utah Mormon life,… Read More ›

Review of Teachings of Lorenzo Snow chapter 20: The Kingdom of God Moves Forward

For this review I am going to focus on the part of the chapter entitled Teachings of Lorenzo Snow and not look at the beginning of the chapter entitled From the Life of Lorenzo Snow.  I have chosen to do this for two reasons: firstly, I feel that my role in writing this post is… Read More ›


General Conference, October 2013, Saturday Morning Review

Well its that time of the year again, I think for me general conference has always seemed a bit of a boring prospect. Nothing really doctrinal taught anymore, a load of guys being repeatedly told not to look at pornography and so on. However since a certain admission from a Church Historian about the effects… Read More ›

Adam’s Road Band, Micah Wilder’s Testimony

Just amazing, this is well worth a watch! This shows just how worthwhile it is to witness to Mormon Missionaries.

Sandra Tanner’s Testimony

    This is a great couple of videos for anyone that has not seen this. Sandra Tanner who is actually a great, great grandaughter of Brigham Young and is also a co-founder of one of the earliest Christian Ministries to Mormons, shares her story.

Concerned Christians

Concerned Christians Conference 2013

Hey all for those of you who don’t know Concerned Christians, a ministry led by Andy Poland based in Arizona that seeks to reach out to Mormons, had their conference in the last month or so, you can catch the talks on youtube here. Of particular interest to me was Shawn Mccraney sharing his story… Read More ›

Lorenzo Snow

Teachings of the prophet Lorenzo Snow, Chapter 6, Becoming Perfect

In this chapter of Lorenzo Snow we come to a favourite theme, how Mormons are to become perfect. At first it is a rather helpful and encouraging message designed to spur readers on to persevere. The first two pages are taken up by a heart-warming account of his encouraging a group of young elders (now… Read More ›

Letter to the First Presidency & Quorum of Twelve, By Chris Ralph

A while ago Chris Ralph  wrote a letter that was published here and on Ex Mormon Bishop now atheist Steve Bloor’s Blog to the Europe Area Presidency. This has been met with no response. Please see below a further letter from Chris addressing his concerns to the First Presidency and Quorum of the twelve. This is something… Read More ›


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