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BYU Professor leaves Mormonism for Jesus.

Recently there has been a really excellent book release called Unveiling Grace by Lynn Wilder. Lynn was an LDS member and during some of that time a BYU professor. In many years of reading many books of this kind this is easily one of the best. There is an excellent insight into Utah Mormon life,… Read More ›

Adam’s Road Band, Micah Wilder’s Testimony

Just amazing, this is well worth a watch! This shows just how worthwhile it is to witness to Mormon Missionaries.

Russ East Interviewed on his story out of the Mormon Church.

  Russ East founder and director of Utah Partnerships for Christ, our parent ministry is interviewed on this video by Earl Erskine, who is an ex Mormon Bishop. Russ has a fascinating story of going from Mormonism to Christ, and now runs a great ministry hosting youth mission trips in Utah, as well as also… Read More ›


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