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Lorenzo Snow Manual review, Chapter 23, The Prophet Joseph Smith by Stephen Livings

The chapter I have been assigned to review is something of a gift really.  The title and content of this chapter go to the heart of what most mainstream Christians would say is one of their main bones of contention when addressing the beliefs and claims of Mormonism, namely the LDS church’s emphasis on Joseph… Read More ›


Bobby on the Fair Podcast

Some of you may remember a while ago we had Ned Scharisbrick from the FairMormon Podcast do an episode responding to some articles on this blog. This was a great chance to have some online communication with Ned. In the process of this he very kindly offered to have me go on his podcast and… Read More ›

Lorenzo Snow Manual review, Chapter 22, Doing Good to Others. by Vicky Gilpin

  “Cultivate a spirit of charity; be ready to do for others more than you would expect from them if circumstances were reversed.” Obviously doing good to others is a good and Godly principle. LDS, like main stream Christians seek to follow this biblical principle of Charity and service, loving your neighbour, treating others as… Read More ›


Lorenzo Snow–21 Loving God More Than we Love the World, by Mike Thomas

Most of this chapter comprises extracts from a sermon Lorenzo Snow delivered just after he had been called as president of the Quorum of the Twelve in April 1889. That date, that period, is significant because many of the conditions that prevailed some fifty years earlier were again being experienced by the Mormon Church. In… Read More ›


General Conference Review, October 2013 – Sunday Afternoon Session, by Stephen Livings

Firstly, I have to say that I am very jealous of MikeTea getting to write a response to a talk given by Randy D Funk.  I would have filled plenty of lines just commenting on what a great name he has! From the Sunday Afternoon Session, I have chosen to focus on a talk given… Read More ›

September 2013 Ensign Review – A Christian Mask, by Stephen Livings

When perusing the titles of this month’s Ensign, I was struck by how many articles appear to deal with themes that are often explored by critics of Mormonism.  Here are some titles to illustrate this: The Justice and Mercy of God, Christlike Mercy, His Grace is Sufficient and What does Jesus mean to us today? … Read More ›

August 2013 Ensign Review by Stephen Livings

  For this month’s Ensign review, I have chosen to focus on an article entitled: “Worlds without Number” by R. Val Johnson. The tagline to this article is: “The heavens declare the glory of God.” which is a quotation from the first verse of Psalm 19. Sounds very Christian and something we should all be… Read More ›

The Joseph Smith Papyri [Book of Abraham]

If there is one thing that struck me at the recent British Pageant, its how much Mormons often don’t know about the history of their movement. One of the more significant issues in Mormon history, is that a while ago much of the Papyri that Joseph Smith used to translate the Book of Abraham was… Read More ›

Russ East Interviewed on his story out of the Mormon Church.

  Russ East founder and director of Utah Partnerships for Christ, our parent ministry is interviewed on this video by Earl Erskine, who is an ex Mormon Bishop. Russ has a fascinating story of going from Mormonism to Christ, and now runs a great ministry hosting youth mission trips in Utah, as well as also… Read More ›


General Conference, April 2013 Saturday Morning Review.

Hello all we have just had the weekend again where the Prophets and Apostles and other leaders within the Mormon Church bring teaching to the members in the movement.  What we started doing last October and I think we have managed to do it again, is have a Christian watch each session of this and… Read More ›


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