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Bill Mckeever Coming to the UK

In September we have Bill Mckeever Of Mormonism Research Ministry coming to the UK to do a speaking tour. Bill is based in Sandy, Utah and has been involved in ministry to Mormons well over 30 years and is I think, one of the best resources worldwide for Christians to learn how to lovingly share the… Read More ›

General Conference October 2014. Sunday Morning Session, by Bobby Gilpin

I think the thing that always strikes me very quickly whenever I listen to any general conference talk is this, where is the revelation? Where is ANYTHING that is new. It just does not happen. There are thousands of missionaries around the world telling people how great it is that the LDS church has a… Read More ›

Weak Arguments from Christians Number 1: Does The End of Revelation Close the Door on Mormonism? by Fred W. Anson

While it goes without saying that this blog and others like it seek to show the Biblical problems of the Mormon faith, and thus present the true gospel, it is also true to say that some of the arguments used for this purpose are not great. I have been there many times whether on facebook… Read More ›

Updates on the Court Case

It’s not the intention of this blog to comment on everything with this case (however I will come back to it here and there), fascinating as it is, this blogs purpose has the purpose of seeking to bring Mormons and anyone else for that matter to Christ, by faith. I hope people will tour around… Read More ›

Joseph Fielding Smith Manual – Faith and Repentance – By Gary Carter

  May I extend the blessings of this New Year to you. This year, we will not be focusing as much on the Teaching Manual this year, so we will not be following the Teachings of Joseph Fielding Smith in strict chapter order. Instead we will be selecting some highlighted chapters of great interest and… Read More ›

Lorenzo Snow Manual, Chapter 19 – Missionary Work – ‘To Reach Every Human Heart’, by Gary Carter

Nearly every religion on the earth seeks to add numbers to its flocks. Of the major religions that can be considered ‘global’, only Hinduism does not have proselytizing at its core. It is therefore no surprise that missionary activities are considered of great importance to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as seen… Read More ›

Teachings of Lorenzo Snow Manual, Chapter 17 by Gary Carter

Chapter 17 – Priesthood – ‘for the Salvation of the Human Family’   As we approach the end of the book, we have seen many trends in Snow’s theology such as specific Mormon theology being wrapped around orthodox Christian theology. This can be seen in our discussions on salvation by works and the Trinity. This… Read More ›

It’s a miracle there’s ANY forgiveness! A review of Spencer W. Kimball’s The Miracle of Forgiveness

The Joseph Smith Papyri [Book of Abraham]

If there is one thing that struck me at the recent British Pageant, its how much Mormons often don’t know about the history of their movement. One of the more significant issues in Mormon history, is that a while ago much of the Papyri that Joseph Smith used to translate the Book of Abraham was… Read More ›

Second Open Letter to Area Presidency by Chris Ralph

Hi all here is another Open Letter from Chris Ralph to the LDS Area Presidency regarding a letter they sent to all churches in Europe, you can see the initial letter and his response to it here. (http://mormonisminvestigated.co.uk/2012/08/28/an-open-letter-to-europe-area-presidency-by-chris-ralph/) This has had a lot of attention recently and is well worth a look.   Dear Area Presidency,… Read More ›


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