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Lorenzo Snow–21 Loving God More Than we Love the World, by Mike Thomas

Most of this chapter comprises extracts from a sermon Lorenzo Snow delivered just after he had been called as president of the Quorum of the Twelve in April 1889. That date, that period, is significant because many of the conditions that prevailed some fifty years earlier were again being experienced by the Mormon Church. In… Read More ›

Lorenzo Snow Manual, Chapter 19 – Missionary Work – ‘To Reach Every Human Heart’, by Gary Carter

Nearly every religion on the earth seeks to add numbers to its flocks. Of the major religions that can be considered ‘global’, only Hinduism does not have proselytizing at its core. It is therefore no surprise that missionary activities are considered of great importance to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as seen… Read More ›

Lorenzo Snow–18 Church Leadership and Selfless Service, by Mike Thomas

This month’s chapter is hard to critique and that is no bad thing. There is no spite in what we are doing here, we don’t find fault for the sake of it. The truth is the truth whoever speaks it and a call to selfless service is no bad thing. There is much here to… Read More ›

Teachings of Lorenzo Snow Manual, Chapter 17 by Gary Carter

Chapter 17 – Priesthood – ‘for the Salvation of the Human Family’   As we approach the end of the book, we have seen many trends in Snow’s theology such as specific Mormon theology being wrapped around orthodox Christian theology. This can be seen in our discussions on salvation by works and the Trinity. This… Read More ›

Teachings of Lorenzo Snow Manual, Chapter 16 by Gary Carter

Chapter 16 – That We May Become One This chapter is a perfect example of how deep we have to go sometimes to distinguish the differences between Christianity and Mormonism. Snow is stressing the need for unity within the Saints and there should be no conflict between them. As a theme and a rule for… Read More ›


Lorenzo Snow Manual Chapter 15 Faithful, Energetic Service in the Kingdom of God, by Vicky Gilpin

The main question I want to look at in this post is; What did Jesus die for? I’m particularly picking up on the following statements from Snow p186 of this book. When the Lord called Abraham He made him certain promises concerning the glory that should come upon him and his posterity, and in these… Read More ›


Teachings of President Lorenzo Snow chapter 12 Tithing

“The law of tithing is one of the most important ever revealed to man. . . . Through obeying this law the blessings of prosperity and success will be given to the Saints.” Lorenzo Snow A Revelation It was in early May 1899, we are told, that president Lorenzo Snow ‘felt prompted to visit the… Read More ›

Teachings of the President Lorenzo Snow. Chapter 11 Review by Gary Carter

Chapter 11, ‘I Seek Not Mine Own Will but the Will of the Father’, may seem a little bit ‘jarring’ in its location within the book coming as it is does after the important chapter of coming to the temples. The issues that are raised in the chapter are important to discuss however. It is… Read More ›

Teachings of the prophet Lorenzo Snow, Chapter 10, “Come into the temples” Part 1

It was October 2010 and I was sat in the first session of the Mormon General Conference. The President of the Church Thomas Monson gave the opening talk and announced the locations of where some temples were to be built. The looks of awe and amazement that people in the audience gave each other, and… Read More ›

Teachings of the prophet Lorenzo Snow, Chapter 8, “Search Me, O God, and Know My Heart” By Gary Carter

Like in all theological writings, we can see how the life experiences and the culture that surrounds the author have influenced the writings themselves. John Calvin’s direct and systematic approach can be traced to the need for clarity as well as justification of thought in the Reformation. The German theologians of the nineteenth century are… Read More ›


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