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Lorenzo Snow–21 Loving God More Than we Love the World, by Mike Thomas

Most of this chapter comprises extracts from a sermon Lorenzo Snow delivered just after he had been called as president of the Quorum of the Twelve in April 1889. That date, that period, is significant because many of the conditions that prevailed some fifty years earlier were again being experienced by the Mormon Church. In… Read More ›


John Dehlin Interviews Tom Phillips.

Hey all below is an interview with John Dehlin from Mormon Stories and Tom Phillips an ex Mormon Bishop/Stake President who no longer believes. He tells his story of leaving Mormonism and a ritual he went through in the Mormon Temple called the 2nd annointing. This interview has been talked about a lot lately because… Read More ›

Sandra Tanner Explains Mormon Temples.

Below are the three parts to an interview with Sandra Tanner about the Mormon Temple rituals compared to the Old Testament Temples which is what the Mormon Church claims their temples are a modern day fulfilment of. For those who dont know Sandra Tanner is a descendent of Brigham Young who left the Mormon church… Read More ›


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