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British Pageant Outreach 2013 Highlights


The Miracle of Forgiveness Chapter 3, Reviewed by Stephen Livings

This third chapter is entitled ‘None Righteous, No, Not One’ and its purpose is to make it very plain that we are all sinful. Spencer Kimball’s first point here is to suggest that, in general, people are far better at recognising the sins of others and the fact that others ought to repent, rather than… Read More ›

Book of Mormon Origins – The Bible, by Mike Thomas

This is the first of a short series we are going through this year on where Joseph Smith may have found some inspiration from in his creation of the Book of Mormon. Many people say how could Smith have simply made it all up? We share the view that he did no such thing, there… Read More ›


Lynn and Mike Wilder Are Coming to England!

For 30 years, Dr. Wilder and her husband Michael were temple recommend-holding, active members of the LDS church and held numerous leadership positions. Their four children were all faithful and active in the church like their parents, with the three oldest serving missions in Russia, Denmark and Florida. In 1999 the Wilder’s moved from Indiana… Read More ›

Updates on the Court Case

It’s not the intention of this blog to comment on everything with this case (however I will come back to it here and there), fascinating as it is, this blogs purpose has the purpose of seeking to bring Mormons and anyone else for that matter to Christ, by faith. I hope people will tour around… Read More ›

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What Is Actually Going On With the Court Summons?

Well its all over many, many newspaper websites now, the Telegraph, the Salt Lake Tribune, and many more. President Thomas S Monson has been summonsed to British Courts on the accusation of fraud. The mistake that many people are making and that I actually made initially, is thinking that the hope here is somehow to… Read More ›

President Thomas S Monson – Summonsed to British Court for Fraud

Just  last night the Mormon Facebook world has gone crazy with the Mormon Think website releasing an article saying that Thomas S Monson President and Prophet of the LDS Church has been summonsed to British Courts on the allegations of fraud on the 14th of March this year, here are the summons letters. The Mormon Think article… Read More ›

Joseph Fielding Smith Manual – Faith and Repentance – By Gary Carter

  May I extend the blessings of this New Year to you. This year, we will not be focusing as much on the Teaching Manual this year, so we will not be following the Teachings of Joseph Fielding Smith in strict chapter order. Instead we will be selecting some highlighted chapters of great interest and… Read More ›


January 2014 Ensign Review, by Vicky Gilpin

Having read through this months Ensign Magazine I’ve decided to focus my attentions on this one article.  LATTER-DAY SAINT VOICES May I Read That Book? Neil R. Cardon, Utah, USA   In this article Cardon tells of a conversation he had whilst on mission, this conversation resulted in the conversion of the man he was speaking… Read More ›


The Miracle of Forgiveness Ch.1 Life’s Divine Purpose?

By way of an introduction to this 2014 series on The Miracle of Forgiveness, here is a brief introduction to its author, Spencer W Kimball. Ten Things You Should Know About Spencer W Kimball He was born 28 March 1895, the grandson of early Mormon leader Heber C Kimball and nephew of Joseph Smith Jr…. Read More ›


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