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Review of Teachings of Lorenzo Snow chapter 20: The Kingdom of God Moves Forward

For this review I am going to focus on the part of the chapter entitled Teachings of Lorenzo Snow and not look at the beginning of the chapter entitled From the Life of Lorenzo Snow.  I have chosen to do this for two reasons: firstly, I feel that my role in writing this post is… Read More ›

It’s a miracle there’s ANY forgiveness! A review of Spencer W. Kimball’s The Miracle of Forgiveness

The Joseph Smith Papyri [Book of Abraham]

If there is one thing that struck me at the recent British Pageant, its how much Mormons often don’t know about the history of their movement. One of the more significant issues in Mormon history, is that a while ago much of the Papyri that Joseph Smith used to translate the Book of Abraham was… Read More ›


Towards a More Fully Representative History of the British Mormon Experience

With the upcoming Mormon Pageant in Preston, England, it’s a wonderful opportunity to consider a more complete account of the lives of those first British Latter-Day Saint converts. I believe that the more information one has about an event or period in history then the better one can understand what really occurred. Just like being… Read More ›

Teachings of President Lorenzo Snow chapter 14 With God all things are Possible by Gary Carter

Chapter 14 in the Teachings of Lorenzo Snow, ‘With God All Things Are Possible’, is one of the shorter chapters we shall be investigating but it does contain some interesting topics that grab the attention of its readers. As is similar with the other chapters we have reviewed, there is a lot of theological material… Read More ›


Teachings of President Lorenzo Snow chapter 12 Tithing

“The law of tithing is one of the most important ever revealed to man. . . . Through obeying this law the blessings of prosperity and success will be given to the Saints.” Lorenzo Snow A Revelation It was in early May 1899, we are told, that president Lorenzo Snow ‘felt prompted to visit the… Read More ›

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

General Conference, April 2013 Sunday Afternoon Review, by Russ Bales and Jenna Wood

A review of Elder Holland’s LDS General Conference speech titled “Lord, I Believe” on April 7, 2013, Salt Lake City, Utah By Russ Bales, Evangelical Christian and Jenna Wood, Christian and former Mormon   Elder Holland opened his speech with the comment, “Honestly acknowledge your questions and your concerns, but first and forever fan the… Read More ›

Are Mormons Christians? A Debate in Salt Lake City

Hey all. Just in the last week there has been a debate at the University of Utah in Salt lake City between Martin Tanner, Mormon Apologist and host of the Religion Today Show on KSL Radio in Utah, and Reverend Jason Wallace of Christ Presbyterian Church in Salt Lake City and also host of The Ancient Paths on… Read More ›

Teachings of the Prophet Lorenzo Snow, Chapter 5, The Grand Destiny of the Faithful.

So on we go to Chapter 5 of this years LDS teaching manual. With regards to Lorenzo Snow  this is likely to be the most interesting chapter by far. This chapter as the title says is talking about the grand hope of those that are truly faithful to God. In Mormon terms this means those… Read More ›

Lorenzo Snow Manual Chapter 4 by Gary Carter

Chapter 4 – Strengthened by the Power of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is always an interesting question when we consider Mormonism and Christianity. There are many areas of disagreement such as the divinity of the Holy Spirit and the interactions in the godhead between Father, Son and Spirit but you can all rest… Read More ›


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