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What Is Actually Going On With the Court Summons?

Well its all over many, many newspaper websites now, the Telegraph, the Salt Lake Tribune, and many more. President Thomas S Monson has been summonsed to British Courts on the accusation of fraud. The mistake that many people are making and that I actually made initially, is thinking that the hope here is somehow to… Read More ›


October 2013 General Conference Review, Sunday Morning by John Tancock

 This was my first experience of any Mormon ‘meeting’ in decades. I listened to: ‘to my Grandchildren’ by President Henry B Eyring. I found the emphasis that there is only one plan of happiness ‘to follow all the commandments of God’ strangely ‘heavy’ even in as such a warm family friendly talk as this. The talk… Read More ›


General Conference October 2013, Saturday Afternoon session review, by Vince Mccann

  The Sustaining of Church Officers, Henry B. Eyring There isn’t much to say regarding this short 3 minute section where voting was being done to sustain church offices other than the observation that I doubt any (or at least very few) would be seen opposing in such an environment. I also couldn’t help being… Read More ›


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