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Help Bobby Go To Utah in 2014

Hey there all. As many who have been reading this blog for a while will know, I have been to Utah on mission trips for 3 years running between 2010 and 2012. These have been seriously some of the best times of my life. I have been on a daily basis actively involved in reaching… Read More ›

A Healthy Mormon and Christian Debate at Salt Lake Temple Square with host Dave Bartosiewicz

  This is a good example of some of the great witnessing discussions that happen In Utah, and of what we were seeking to do at the British Pageant.    

Religion and Redemption Documentary

This is by far my favourite documentary on Mormonism. Put together in connection with our parent Ministry Utah Partnerships for Christ, this documentary interviews various Church and ministry leaders, as well as various Mormons on their beliefs, and it looks at the need for more people to do mission in Utah.

Bobby With Salt Lake City LDS Temple

Utah Day 1

Hello all after a couple of days looking around to New York I started my outreach week at Utah Yesterday (27th June) with the team from Bethel Grace Baptist Church. We started by hearing Sandra Tanner speak, sharing her story and various interesting aspects of Mormonism, looking at how the Temple Endowments have changed, and… Read More ›


Utah Mission Trip 2012 Introduction.

Hello all this is just to let you know about my upcoming mission trip to Utah that is happening next week. As in previous years I will be working with our parent ministry Utah Partnerships for Christ┬ádoing outreach in various parts of Utah. This time I am specifically working with a group from Bethel Grace… Read More ›

Utah trip almost over, reflections.

Well I have one day left and then I am back home to sunny North East of England. This has been easily my favourite ministry trip of any kind and I have done a lot more learning than I have, shall we say teaching this week. I have been to a session of general conference,… Read More ›


Utah here I come!!!

Hi there I am Bobby and host this blog and for anyone visiting thanks for dropping in. Some people have questioned why I call this blog Mormonism Investigated when clearly I come from a different faith which is Evangelical Christianity (meaning I trust the bible for truth and measure all against that.) And that I… Read More ›


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