1st Day in Utah

Hi all for the next few weeks this blog will be used to keep you all up to date with the goings on with my wife Vicky and I’s ministry trip to Utah, please drop in and as ever leave a comment if you want to.

After about 20 hours of travel and 3 flights we finally arrived in Salt Lake City airport at 7:20pm yesterday on the 9th of June, not much of an eventful day after that other than an essential walmart visit.

Today we spent some time with Russ East director of Utah partnerships for Christ, praying and discussing what we will be doing, after that we went to have a tour of the mountains given by UPFC interns Kelly Douglas and Colleen Zack.

Me and my Wife Vicky at the mountains near, Ogden.

So its been a cool day, ultimately we are here to reach out to Mormons and tell anyone who will listen about Christ and what He has done for the world, but it was a great day to see the place and get to know some of the people we will be working with, please watch this space for more updates on what we get up to, and please be praying for us while we are out here as its gonna be fun but no doubt challenging too.

Right above is the Ogden LDS temple, its sealed off at the moment for people to walk around the grounds as from what I hear it is being knocked down and replaced, if there is anyone reading that knows about this stuff I would be interested to know if this is true and why that is? Just out of curiosity.

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6 Responses to 1st Day in Utah

  1. Dez Hollis says:

    I live within a few miles of the Ogden temple and they are planning on doing renovations, though I couldn’t tell you when. That chain link fence has been there for the 9 months I’ve lived in Ogden and I don’t see that anything has changed. It may be on the inside. I’m really not sure.

  2. Sue Pickersgill says:

    I googled this and according to Jan 7th Deseret News, the major renovations will consist of replacing the pre-cast ‘skin’ of the temple (opened in 1972), with an exterior of new stone and more glass. Other changes include moving the temple’s front entrance from its west side to the east, removing the two-story parking structure and adding underground parking.
    The upgraded structure will feature the latest technology and material, meet seismic requirements, boast more energy-effecient and modern mechanical systems.
    The nearby Ogden Tabernacle will receive some renovation attention – the most major change being the removal of its sphire so it doesn’t compete with the temple’s spire.
    The project is expected to take 18 – 24 months.
    Hope your trip goes really well and proves fruitful. God bless you both.
    Sue, Devon UK

  3. Really glad you guys arrived safe and well – thats one answer to prayer done already!! :-) We’ll be praying for you every day, but please let us know anything you need prayer for while youre out there. Photos look brill!!

  4. Drew says:

    Hey there Bobby! Just been looking around your website and saw your question about the Ogden Temple. It’s getting an architectural facelift. I’m actually surprised that it’s not more visible by now. It seems like once the LDS Church decides to do something, especially in Utah, there is no delay!

    Here’s a story they posted about it in February of last year:


    Apparently the renovations are taking place both inside and out. Even though the Church puts their own spin on it, it seems to me like it’s as simple as the styles that were popular in the 70s are mostly seen as hideous these days, so the Church is updating the building in order to fit the more popular aesthetic of today. Styles on other temples, like Salt Lake, St. George, Cardston, etc., have proven thus far to be more “timeless,” but other temples such as Ogden, Provo, La’ie, and Atlanta haven’t proven to be nearly as stylish over time. Clearly the LDS Church can’t have buildings that are anything less than immaculate and beautiful by the worldly standards of the day! I wouldn’t be surprised if we were to see more such renovations taking place in the near future (and in fact, they DID just recently finish renovating the La’ie and Atlanta temples, although those were just interior, not exterior jobs).

  5. Timber Doors says:

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