Utah Days 2 and 3.

Hello my avid readers, only three days into my trip I have missed a day of posting already so this one is to keep you up to date with Saturday 10th and Sunday the 11th in Our Utah Trip.

Saturday was a great day, it started with me and Vicky visiting a Mormon guy who lives in Layton called Eric. Eric is a great guy who we spent some time with meeting his family and discussing our faith with each other, it was interesting to learn how a Mormon family lives within Utah.

After that we went to the blue plate Diner pictured here for a Buffalo Burger, very good.

In the evening we went to Rob Sivulkas house, he is a missionary to Mormons and anyone else in Utah, we heard David Bartosiewicz tell his story of coming out of Mormonism and into Christ, the videos of this testimony you can watch just below.

Today the 12th we have been to Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Brigham City, after this we passed by the LDS Temple which is in the process of being built pictured here. This is where the church carries out its baptisms for the dead amongst many other things, we also saw the Brigham City tabernacle.

So its all fun so far and we are feeling pretty settled in to Utah now, tommorow the fun should really start and we are going to be going out into Ogden to start our outreach efforts speaking to people in the area, as well as possibly going to other parts of Utah, more news to follow, someone left a comment asking for what to pray for us, thanks for that and here are some points.

  • That God would direct us to people He wants us to speak to and people whose heart He has been preparing.
  • That we would be a good influence on the teams of teenagers that are working with Utah Partnerships for Christ here.
  • That we in our actions as well as our words would show Christ to people in Utah and that we would work in His strength and not ours, basically we need the Holy Spirit big time, without Him we are just using words and ideas and we all know there are lots of those out there. I heard a great quote at church today

Without the Holy Spirit we are a mess, with the Holy Spirit we are a message.

Enough said thanks guys more soon.

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2 Responses to Utah Days 2 and 3.

  1. Thanks for the update guys. Superb quote at the end there!! :-D

  2. Cheryl says:

    sooooooooooo jealous u guys are actually there glad u safe and sound hope you have fun as well as being productive xxxxxxx

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