Utah Update

Hello just a quick update with all thats been going on, its been an amazing weekend at the Manti Pageant in Utah, around 200 Christians and us have been there as thousands of Mormons have been coming in and out of the area, its been a great chance to give out flyers to people and have some discussions looking at the biblical concept of grace compared to the Mormon one.

Now we are back in Ogden and are working with a team of teenagers from California, we will be going back into temple square salt lake and other parts of Ogden. Thanks for your prayers and please keep them coming, this is a challenging place but we are having an amazing time here. Please see below for some photos.

This is Vicky and the other Utah Partnerships for Christ interns.

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3 Responses to Utah Update

  1. Cheryl says:

    bring me back something to do with harry potter not mormons lol

  2. Terry Young says:

    Hope you guys are doing well. It’s great to see the Gospel of Grace being shared with our friends in Utah. May the Spirit strengthen you and open up doors for you.

  3. NathanHart says:

    I’m so glad everythings going well,
    alot of us are preying for you both :)
    i hope god is showing you whos hearts he has prepared for you to rech,
    god bless
    From Nathan :)

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