Last night of Manti!

So last night was the last night of the Manti Pageant in Utah, it was another great night to speak to people going in and out. We spoke to an LDS guy who had just retired from the police and mostly just gave out flyers the rest of the time. As well as this I took the chance to interview some Christians who are active in reaching out to Mormons in Utah and other states to ask them why it is important to speak to Mormons when you get the chance. Please see the video above and the videos below for this.

Also there is this video done by Russ Bales interviewing various Christians talking about why they went to Manti.

Hope you enjoyed these, we only have a few days left in Utah now and my desire is to get back home and be more active than ever in the UK reaching out to Mormon people, Jehovah’s Witness people or anyone caught up in religion that keeps Christ away from His place of total sufficency for peoples salvation. If your a Christian in the UK and want to be involved with this please let me know.

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One Response to Last night of Manti!

  1. Ann Marie says:

    Great stuff in the interviews! Thanks a lot. We’re teaching our housegroups about Mormons on Tuesday night, and we’ll pass the advice on.

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