Grant Palmer on Mormon Stories Again

This is a very quick post just to give a massive recommendation to an interview I just finished listening too.

This link is for the recent Mormon Stories podcast with Grant Palmer who resigned from the LDS church knowing he would be excommunicated due to him writing the book pictured above His book an insiders view of Mormon Origins  one of the most to the point and clear books you will find on the realitys of Mormon History. Palmer wrote this as a member and church authorities were not happy at all about what he revealed.

In the interview with John Dehlin linked to above he reveals the story of William Law and Joseph Smiths dealings with him, this is probably the most hard hitting expose on Joseph Smith I have heard, I cannot recommend it enough. Palmer is inspiring as He has retained his faith in Christ while managing to not in anyway become a part of the evangelical “Anti-Mormon” crowd that so often are easily ignored by LDS Apologists and members, Palmer wants truth and states it without an axe to grind about the Mormon Church.

Feel free to discuss your thoughts on it here.

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