Utah Mission Trip 2012 Introduction.

Hello all this is just to let you know about my upcoming mission trip to Utah that is happening next week. As in previous years I will be working with our parent ministry Utah Partnerships for Christ doing outreach in various parts of Utah.

This time I am specifically working with a group from Bethel Grace Baptist Church from California who are doing their annual Mission trip to Utah for the 2nd year running. Every day I will be doing worship and training with them on the morning and then going to various places throughout the week.

We will be joining many other Christians in doing Street outreach at the Manti Miracle Pageant, which is an event put on by the Mormon church that thousands (around 85000 over the two weeks) of Mormons go and watch, and as they walk into the seating area we will be there to engage those who will speak with us in some good discussions.

We will go to various other places, also including BYU (Brigham Young University) which is a university of around 30.000 students  95% of which are Mormon.

Our desire will be to lovingly preach the biblical gospel to all who will speak with us and have a great time, I will post on here as often as I can with photos and updates throughout the trip.

Please, please pray for me in the following ways.

  • That all practical things like flights and finances work out fine.
  • That all of the group from Bethel grace have great chances to witness to people and grow in their walk with God through the trip.
  • That I serve them well as their trainer for the week and have some great discussions with Mormons over there.
  • That I learn a lot that I can bring back to the UK Ministry.

There are a lot of exciting developments and opportunities coming up for me in the UK at the moment, and this Utah trip while being the highlight is one of many things going on. Please continue to pray for me as I am still learning and growing but am loving all the doors God is opening.

If anyone would like to support this trip and this ministry financially that would be really appreciated, its something I rarely if ever ask for but the need is starting to increase with websites and various trips coming up that can be expensive. A paypal donation to [email protected] would be the easiest way but please get in touch if you would like to give in another way.

Also if any of you missed it I recently did an interview on the Apologetics 315 Podcast. Please check it out.

But mostly please pray for me and keep in touch.

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