Utah Day 1

Hello all after a couple of days looking around to New York I started my outreach week at Utah Yesterday (27th June) with the team from Bethel Grace Baptist Church.

We started by hearing Sandra Tanner speak, sharing her story and various interesting aspects of Mormonism, looking at how the Temple Endowments have changed, and equipping all of the teenagers there on witnessing to Mormons at the Manti Pageant.

After that we went to temple square in Salt Lake City (temple pictured above) and gave out tracts and spoke to people passing by. Its clear that the LDS church is very well aware of Christians coming to that area this time of year as we were approached by security as soon as we walked through the temple grounds and told not to give out our flyers on LDS Church Property.

It was a great first day with some of the group having great discussions with Mormons and a liberal Christian in the area. After that we visited Sandra Tanners bookshop and called it a day.

Today we are giving out free Car Wash’s at the blue house in Ogden, please pray for us that we get some great conversations with people from it.

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  1. I am praying for open ears and hearts. I was once a Mormon and praise God I am free in Christ! I have found the beauty of His Grace!

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