Utah 2012 Update 2

Hi all I meant to do more updates through this trip but it just hasn’t worked out with lack of computer access etc. Today I am all done with Ministry and am having a couple of days free staying in the Salt Lake City area.

But its been an amazing few days, I have been to Manti with the group from Bethel Grace Baptist Church for the last two nights of the Miracle Pageant there. The first night was hard going with many LDS people passing us by saying that we were evil and not wanting to talk to us.

However the 2nd night was really great, right from the outset we had two excellent conversations with LDS people talking about Jesus and how we can come to know Him, one of those discussions is above. I realized that at events like this it is not a good start to try and talk to people about problems with Mormonism, or hand them a leaflet about Joseph Smith as this just starts them off on the defensive. The two great chats we had just started by asking LDS people what does Jesus mean to you?

So by this I mean just talking about Jesus and who He is and all He has done for us and then digging beneath the surface on the LDS view of Jesus compared to the biblical one is more than enough ground to cover at least initially.

And yesterday we went to Ephraim Church of the bible in the morning and then travelled back to Salt Lake City. I had the chance to show another group of people from California around temple square as a forerunner to their week of outreach in Utah.

So anyway just a brief update, thanks for your prayers and interest in this and normal blog posts will resume soon.

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  1. I will continue to pray for you! I pray many seeds are harvested. Most Mormons know so little about what the founding prophet believed. The spirit of confusion still continues within the church.
    For a bible study relating to Mormons follow Mormon Recovery Ministry on FB. God Bless!

  2. thanks for that appreciated, and nice plug there subtle :)

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