A Quick Letter From Chris Ralph’s Dad to the LDS Europe Area Presidency.

Dear Brethren,

I am in my 90th year; forgive me therefore if my senses are dulled, but I have always understood that courtesy is the watchword of our Church. Why therefore do we still await responses to my son Christopher’s open letters addressed to you on 28th August and 4th October?

My tired old mind can only surmise that your silence is either [a] sorrowful, [b] scornful, or [c] dependent upon the approaching fortune, or otherwise, of Brother Romney, with the election’s outcome determining the tone of your eventual reply. It has even crossed my mind that possibly you may not wish to risk jeopardizing electoral prospects by responding publicly prior to 6th November.

Should this all be fancy on my part, remember that I am in my dotage, and so, perhaps, may be allowed to muse that if the said Brother does not triumph, then a reply, if and when it comes, will nevertheless be couched in measured and considerate terms…

Lest we should meet a coterie

Of Danites at our door;

With nasal twangs, and muffled bangs…

And we shall be no more!


Yours, in continued patience,


Ted Ralph

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  1. Manners maketh the man !! No reply forth coming as yet. What a sham oops I mean shame. I was always taught to reply to any correspondence or phone call one might receive . I did hear a saying today that the church was not bothered at a few dogs snapping at the trouser leg whilst the wagons rolled!!! . Maybe a bill board outside church offices might help ?

    • That’s an interesting smug little saying Daisy. Thank you for reporting this fallacious mindset. History shows that man-made systems have always been characterized by the delusion that power equals authority, whereas Truth is not dependent upon audacity, shrillness, or number of dollars on account; God plus the individual has always been the real deal.

      The really sad thing is that the dog which is perceived to be making a nuisance of itself by snapping at the metaphorical trouser leg, may in fact be attempting to avert a disaster. Its efforts are perhaps entirely futile, because the wagons may be destined to roll into the abyss come what may – those who claim “authority” may already have determined that outcome – but why blame the dog?

  2. I think we know why the Lds church will not answer the questions, but it will be interesting to see what happens after the American presidential elections and if Mitt is elected what effect this will have on the church. I am sure the brethren know what the issues are hence their reaffirmation that they are a christian church having a fervent reaffirmation of teaching the Saviours’ teachings in conference these past few years.
    However their smug little sayings do not help those of us in ‘religion crises’ , so I am glad to be on the journey from Mormonism to biblical Christianity

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