Invite to Chorley Pageant Training Day.


This post is particularly to the Brits, and those in surrounding areas, and its just to invite you to a very important event on the 19th of January 2013.

In the way of background as some readers may know I have been to Utah for three years running now on outreach trips to Mormons. In the last two of those the highlight has been joining a number of other Christians doing street outreach to people walking into the Manti Miracle Pageant, in Manti, Utah. every night around 14000 people mostly Mormons go to this event and there are around 200 Christians there seeking to engage many of these people into respectful gospel centred discussions. Let me say right now that this is not a protest. There was no one that I could see shouting at Mormons calling Mormonism a cult like you often see at General Conference, but rather people genuinely seeking just to have some discussions.

You can see and hear some of the discussions I had over there here.

Anyway next year the Mormon Church is doing its first ever pageant outside of the US and  that is going to be held at the Chorley Temple Grounds in the UK. This is going to be the best opportunity in the UK to do some street outreach to Mormons since the opening of the temple in 1998. My hope is to see that we have a positive Christian witness where we can lovingly engage any Mormons that will speak to us in some gospel centred dialogue. Again this will be no protest (at least on my part I cannot stop others going) and anyone that does not wish to speak to us will be very welcome to pass on by.

The Dates for this pageant are:

Week one.

Wednesday July 31st
Thursday August 1st
Friday August 2nd
Saturday August 3rd

Week Two.

Tuesday August 6th
Wednesday August 7th
Thursday August 8th
Friday August 9th
Saturday August 10th

 So as a forerunner to this we are having a training day on the 19th of January 2013 from 10am until 4pm at Chapel House Christian Fellowship, 3 Moor Road, Chorley, Lancashire. PR7 2LW.

On this day myself and Ian Moulton the Pastor of this Church will be looking at Mormonism in relation to Christianity, some helpful ideas for witnessing points, and how to respectfully engage Mormons in Dialogue.

If you are unsure if you would want to do the pageant outreach but want to learn more about witnessing to Mormons please come, if you don’t feel you would need a day like this but are interesting in being involved with this please still come so we can meet you, and everyone in between these thoughts who can make it please come. There is no charge, refreshments are provided but you will need to bring or go out for lunch.

All of that said if you can’t make the day and would like to be involved with the outreach that’s absolutely fine. Please let me know if this is you and I would love to help you in anyway that I can.

If you have any questions on this please email me on [email protected]. We also have a Facebook event set up for this day here.

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    Please dont forget about this day guys. If you can make it, it would be great to meet you!!

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