Is Water Baptism Necessary for Salvation?

Hi all these videos are not directly related to Mormonism but they are really worth a watch. This is Matt Slick in the first video speaking on the issue of whether Baptism is necessary for salvation, and then in the second video debating this issue with an Elder from the International Church of Christ. Like Mormonism this Church teaches that you must be baptised to be saved. Please enjoy and leave any thoughts below.


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  1. The Hebrew word often translated in Greek as “baptismo” is mikveh which just means “washing” which the priests did before officiating in the temple and which many Jews and early Israelites made part of their Erev Shabbat celebration. It is not mandatory, but is performed according to their heart. Traditional mikveh pools were “monitored” by men or women to make sure a person who walked down the steps into the water were completely immersed before they came out. Today many people (including myself) do an “in home” mikveh in ankle deep water under a shower. The washing is in preparation for the Sabbath. A Hebrew Roots “witisism” is that we have been “born again, again……and again…..” I went through a special mikveh with a prayer to release me from all pagan oaths and curses I placed upon myself in the temple. I masonic shadow exited the shower and permanently removed a heaviness from my spirit.


  1. How to Read the Mormon Ensign Magazine | Mormonism Investigated UK

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