Why does Bobby Gilpin reach out to Mormons?

Hey all, some of you may have noticed me linking to Russ Bale’s  interview by Suzanne Witt the other day on why he reaches out to Mormons.

Yesterday I was also interviewed by Suzanne on why I do this, please see that interview above. I thought this would be helpful as this is a question I am often asked, and so often I think Mormons assume its out of some hatred on my part towards Mormons, of even the Mormon Church.

Please give this interview a listen and I hope you will see this is not the case. You may not agree with my conclusions, but I hope in the least you will see that my motivation is not in anyway a negative thing.

As ever I am open and looking forward to your comments.

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  1. Good one Bobby, and be reassured, (as you know in my case) ministries such as this do plant seeds and do bring people to Christ!

  2. Why reach out to Mormons? The Mormons are doing just fine in their beliefs. Those Mormons that follow the lds teachings are good people who attempt to obey the commandments. They also have a very personal relationship to God since they pray often and do daily scripture study and attempt to spread love to their neighbors. . Much better to reach out to Muslims, atheists, and secularists. Britain’s christians are in the grips of atheism at the moment with poor general church attendance. However, the Muslims seem to be very religious in the UK. I think that you are wasting your time with the Mormons. At least many attend church.

    • Erm……have you listened to this :)

      • I have. But I still don’t understand all the energy toward Mormons. I had the same issue with the Tanners. Both of whom spent years attempting to lead Mormons out of their church by stressing the historical issues. In the UK there are now so many unbelievers that I think more energy should be focused on them. All churches and religions have skeletons in their closet. Why stress the skeletons in the Mormon church?

  3. Ah ok that makes sense.

    Firstly its worth noting that there are very few of us that are seeking to reach Mormons, particularly in the UK. I know of around 10 people specifically seeking to reach Mormons. There may be more but if you even double that and then consider the amount of Christians in the Uk, this is not a dominant collective focus.

    Secondly the thing that separates us from God is not our religiousness or lack of, its our sin. If you are separate from God in your sin and therefore in need of the saving work of Christ in your life then it does not matter whether you go to church (and there are plenty of people in plenty of churches needing this) or whether you are a drug dealer or prostitute etc, you still need saving.

    The Mormon Church teaches a gospel that does not save, I talked about this on the interview so I wont repeat myself. So if I am right and the Mormon gospel does not save, then Mormons are still as dead in their sins as every other secular person in the UK, just they dress better and outwardly look more sorted. Jesus was not worried about how people looked outwardly, he looked at the heart, and told people in no uncertain terms that they were to trust Him, and Him alone for their salvation.

    Back to my first point there are still very few seeking to reach them, but those of us that do, take it seriously, as its a gross misunderstanding to think that because someone is religious, that means they don’t need to hear the true message of Christ.

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