Day 7 of the reach out to Mormons – Review

Day 7 of the reach out to Mormons – Review

Day 7 saw more good discussions with the Mormons.


A lot of people have a lot of respect for the fact that we are trying to share truth with them.


We had a number of discussions as well that where a little bit more “heated” than previous nights, but still at all times being respectful. Lots more tracts where given out, and it was the evening where one of the 12 apostles of the LDS church came over from America to see the pageant. None of us met him, but from what I understand his health is very poor at the moment which is why he came late and left early.

Tonight a number of us had tickets for the show. I will be doing my own video of my review of the pageant next week. I was however able to meet with Stephen Kerr (president of the pageant) and I what I will say is that he seems like a really nice chap, and the production that he has put together was something very entertaining, the dancing, the singing and the acting all very good. The story/plot though a little misleading considering it was supposed to be a factual play ….more to come in the review video.

2 days left!

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  1. Great to hear of the last few days Jason – thanks for the reports.

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