Final Day of the reach out to Mormons – Review

Final Day of the reach out to Mormons

So this is it…. the final day of the reach out to Mormons at the British Pageant 2013.

Today saw a record number of papers being given out, and once more some people more people came to talk to us :-

Every person that I spoke to tonight this was at least the second time they had been to the pageant, so I think by now some people where getting a little bit tired of us being there! One person cried out the window “Your wasting your time mate!!” to which my reply was “preaching the gospel is not a waste of time”.

I again felt so sorry for some of these guys who had clearly not been told the truth regarding some things in there own teachings. The subject came up about the book of Abraham that is in the pearl of great price. They had no idea about the fact it had been proven to be falsely translated.

If you would like more information on this please click the link below :-

Lucy had a tract on this subject and was able to give it to the people asking the questions about it.

Right at the end we spoke to a Lady who said that we are in error because we don’t accept that today we have a priesthood. I showed her Hebrews 1:1-2, to which she said “your not using the Kings James Bible” – I showed the side of it, and then showed her the front – to which she then said “well…that bit must not have been translated right”……..”you young man need to read the book of Mormon”, I said “with all due respect why would I need to when God has already given me the answer in the bible?” She left pretty sharp after that!!

So that as they say is that……. its over!!

Thank you so much everyone for your prayers, for your support at the reach out, and thank you Chapel house Christian fellowship who every night have shown there support to reaching out to these people. And as much as it pains me to say Bobby Gilpin – your organisation and commitment to this reach out campaign has been brilliant. Thank you so much for organising this and getting on my nerves prior to this event to make sure it all ran smoothly. It has been a pleasure to work along side you as well as others.

Finally thank you Mormons for giving us the opportunity to come and talk to you, we have been here for the last 2 weeks because we love you. We want you to know the truth about Jesus, and we want you to know the truth about your prophets and tell you the stuff the leaders would rather you did not know.

If you have any issues or would like to discuss anything to any member here at UK Partnerships for Christ, we would love to here from you.

Love you all!


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  1. I respect your opposing view of the LDS faith, but what is your goal? To enlighten the unenlightened? To drive people to a different faith? To help people find truth? If so, what truth? That their faith isn’t true? To me most of what I have read here leads to doubt and even fear. Doubt to those that are Mormon and fear to those who are not. Fear of the Mormons and their wicked beliefs that is. By their fruits ye shall know them, and I’m sorry to say my Brother, I see very little good fruit here. At least I do not often see Mormons seeking to destroy other religions (even if they do so often boast that theirs is the only true religion). I feel as Christians we should only seek to build faith in Christ and his gift he has laid before us. Perhaps your goal here is a call to repentance? But really, of all the people to call to repentance you would choose the Mormons? Most of the ones I have met are actually very good people who hold to strong Christian values. That seems like pretty good fruit to me.

    Again, I respect your views here, but the goal seems to be one of doubt and fear rather than faith and love. Of course that is just my view as I found and read a few of the posts on this site. Take it or leave it as you will.

    • Thanks for that David

      Our desire is completely and utterly to bring people to a place of total reliance upon Jesus for their eternal life.

      Not Church ordinances (from any Church) temple attendance or anything can make us any more acceptable to God than being clothed with the righteousness of His Son.

      As someone who is no doubt an active LDS person its extremely unlikely you will see good fruit on this page, that is neither a surprise or concern to me. However many people who have left Mormonism to this total reliance upon Christ have seen amazing fruit in their life as a result, maybe that would help give you some perspective, you can find many here:

      Mormons are more than good people they are brilliant people in my experience, however being good, gets you nowhere. We are all by nature children of wrath (Ephesians 2:3), our sinful state has seperated us from God (Isaiah 59:2) and in this state even our good works are filthy to God (Isaiah 64:6), being good gets you nowhere, being in Christ gets you assurance of gaining a right standing before God (Romans 4:5). Please dont think that websites like this focus on Mormons because we think they are not good people, this is a million miles from the truth, we do this because your “gospel” leaves no assurance of eternal life, because it makes you look in the wrong place for where to find it.

      Naturally you will disagree with that statement, I would be happy to discuss it more.

      The goal here is not doubt and fear, however if this site causes people to doubt Mormonism and fear for their position before God I am happy with that. However only if this then leads them to a true relationship with Jesus Christ. If the second half does not happen, I am not overly seeking the first.

      thanks for commenting.

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