“Protesters” Strengthening Your Testimonies


This tweet was brought to my attention (name removed) and it got me thinking. This kind of comment has been made a few times.

So the thinking is that because around 6 people were stood outside my event, that confirms to me even more that I am in the one true religion in the world.

Look at us, weren’t we nasty.


So that got me thinking more, here is a pic of a group of people protesting against religious fundamentalism, 300 were there apparently

Protest against Extremism and Religious Fundamentalism  Tunis

So according to this line of thought Mormons, you should be joining up with those fundamentalists ASAP think how strong their testimonies must be after this!

Oops my bad, actually Lady Gaga is the one true Artist………Do you see what I am saying, get over yourselves Mormons, if the true Church is the most persecuted Church, you dont even compare.

Destroyed homes of Christians in India (http://www.christianworldwideweb.com/persecuted-christianity/)

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  1. I remember once speaking to a local Bishop, and showed him why I did not believe Mormons are Christian. He was really offended, but said he did not mind me “persecuting” him.

  2. I found that my correspondence with members of this website strengthened my testimony of the LDS church. The profanity and insults levelled at me proved exactly what kind of people choose to support your stance, and the grammar and spelling showed the level of intellect possessed by many of them.
    So although it grieves me that you have managed to beguile people away from the church, I am grateful for being able to analyse the basis of my testimony and thereby to strengthen it.

    • We have communicated with this in private but I will say public ally I apologise that you were the victim of someone swearing at you on this blog, that comment has been deleted and was not from anyone associated with our ministry.

      I think again it is short sighted to use this against the critical Mormon perspective as I have certainly had something very similar from a Mormon before. I also do not see this as evidence against Mormonism

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention

  3. the argument therefore seems to be:
    Your telling me I am in the wrong religion proves I am in the right religion because I know you are in the wrong religion?
    In that case why does your telling me I am in the wrong religion not prove I am in the right religion when I know you are in the wrong religion?

    very well lets try a simple experiment and replace religion with something else

    Your telling me I am in the wrong colour shirt proves I am in the right colour shirt because I know you are in the wrong colour shirt?
    In that case why does your telling me I am in the wrong colour shirt not prove I am in the right colour shirt when I know you are in the wrong colour shirt?

    Because the whole argument proceeds from a false assumption, that there is a provably right religion or colour of shirt
    Until there is a factual proven frame of reference to base the argument upon it is a pointless contention between two unproven stances
    Simply put this contention is based on nothing more than a strongly held opinion masquerading as a fact.

  4. Members of the LDS church tend to say this a lot! mostly because they feel that anyone that brings to light something that is controversial about the church they have a need to jump right to its defence. I have noticed that this is something that Is very unique to the LDS church, its as if they cant stand on their own testimony until they feel they have some kind of opposition from outside. I am a Mormon, but welcome the opportunity to talk about Christ and the gospels with the need to talk about persecution, not that I think you guys were doing any of that! That is another problem. The modern LDS church don’t know hat real persecution is anyway, so they jump on any little thing like this and call it persecution. They engage in just the same things as you guys were doing and they call it outreach or missionary work, but when other religious people do the same thing they call it persecution of their so called true church, most of these people don’t even know anything about the history of the Mormon faith let alone what real persecution is all about. You and your friends are engaged in a great work, you are bringing people to a knowledge of Christ, since when has that been persecution. Maybe if the LDS church taught a little more about Christ and spoke of him a little more then they wouldn’t feel so upset.

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