Help Bobby Go To Utah in 2014


Hey there all. As many who have been reading this blog for a while will know, I have been to Utah on mission trips for 3 years running between 2010 and 2012. These have been seriously some of the best times of my life. I have been on a daily basis actively involved in reaching out to LDS people as well as meeting, training and connecting with various Christians from Utah and other parts of the USA. My main contact is Russ East from Utah Partnerships for Christ.


Russ runs a ministry hosting mission trips from all over America and the world seeking to reach out to the residents of Utah. On every visit I have stayed and worked with Russ, being involved with outreach at Temple Square in Salt Lake City and also the Manti Miracle Pageant, where each night 14,000 Mormons come and watch a re-enactment of their theology and believed history, here is a discussion I had there.

As well as reaching out to Mormons on my last trip I was also involved with training and equipping Christians. Here I am giving some guys a tour of temple square.


During these visits I have also been on Heart of the Matter with Shawn Mccraney twice, here is one of my appearances at the end of this video.

So what is my point in all this? Well I want to go back to Utah, every year from 2014 onwards. In fact my wife Vicky and I are in genuine hope and prayer that one day in the next 5 years or so we want to move to and live in Utah. However these trips are expensive and so this post is an unashamed request, that you would consider supporting me to go to Utah on a mission trip in 2014.

For this trip I plan to:

  • Be very active in outreach to LDS people in Utah, particularly at the Manti Miracle Pageant.
  • Make contact with local Christian Churches in Utah, seeking to build relationships and raise support for a permanent Utah move.
  • Build relationships with Key Christians in Utah already active in evangelism to LDS people.
  • Report back to you on what is going on and keeping you up to date in all that you are supporting me to do over there.

This is your chance to have an active impact on LDS people not only in the UK but around the world. Please prayerfully consider supporting me for this trip. Anything you contribute however big or small with be massively significant in helping me to make this trip. I estimate I need to raise around £1000 to go for around two weeks. You can contribute by emailing me on [email protected] for info, You can also give via paypal by clicking here. Or by clicking the paypal button below.

UPDATE: God has so far provided around £270 towards this, this is a massive blessing and really appreciated, with some financial juggling of our own we have now bought tickets for me to go, I am very excited about this. If you would still like to contribute towards this trip for costs when over there, that would be very appreciated.


Thank you for reading, more updates on this to follow.


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  1. What about the LDS where you live? Who will help them?

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