Happy New Year all!


Happy New Year everyone, just to let you know our Christmas break is over and we are back up and running. In the coming year we have lots planned for this blog so please start coming here often. Here is some of what we have lined up.

  • Looking more at what is a Christian and what is grace.
  • Looking at the origins of the Book of Mormon.
  • Going Chapter by chapter through the miracle of forgiveness.
  • Reviewing the ensign magazines and general conference talks.

And also much more, we will be hearing more from Michael McAlpine in new Zealand and hopefully offering some commentary on things going on in the Mormon world as they happen. If you are LDS we would love to see you comment and if you are supportive of what we are doing as a ministry please pray for us and consider getting involved we are always in need of more help. I am also hoping to start updating our ministry newsletter much more often, please sign up for this here. You can see our most recent newsletter here.

Thanks a lot for visiting here’s looking forward to a great 2014.

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  1. Happy New Year Bobby. Looks like its shaping up to be an exciting year.

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