Two Months To Go!




Today is a special day. As well as being Good-Friday (which is of course much more significant) It is now just two months until I leave for my 4th Mission trip to Utah. From the 18th to the 30th of June I will be leaving jolly old England and coming to Utah in the hope of having a great time witnessing to Mormons, hanging out with Christians, and maybe eating a little American food.

After my initial day off resting a bit from a 20 hour 3 flight journey I will be spending a few days working with Russ East with our parent ministry Utah Partnerships for Christ. This ministry has mission teams come from all over the USA and individuals like myself from all over the world to do mission trips to Utah. He equips, houses,  and sends out teams to go to different parts of Utah, and witness to the locals. I will be an intern with UPFC and helping out with these teams. Here is a picture with the last team I worked with from California in 2012.





After that I will drive down 3 hours to Manti, and be involved with each day of the witnessing at the Manti Miracle Pageant week 2. This is an amazing opportunity to speak to some of the up to 14000 Mormons making their way to their seats each night, and also to hang out with Christians that all year around are active in this ministry. This is a great encouragement.



I know that for Mormons there can be quite a stigma attached to what I am doing. Rest assured that this is not going to be my approach!



Here is a conversation I had with some Mormons at Manti in 2012 and this very much mirrors what I will be hoping for this time around.



(Audio of above with better sound quality.)

I appreciate for many this will come as little conciliation, however I am doing this out of a genuine belief that God has called me to bring the Biblical true gospel to the Mormon people. It’s just good maths to go to a place where there is lots of Mormons to do this.  I by no means have any dislike for Mormons, nor any past hurts that lead me to doing this.

That said my wife Vicky and I are genuinely hoping and praying that God might bring us to Utah on a permanent basis. We are not sure how this will look yet, but those supportive of what we are doing, please join us in prayer for that.

I was given around £300 towards this trip spread over a number of people. I am massively grateful to God and those that gave this money. This support gave me a rise in faith that this trip could go ahead at all. We are already saving for our Utah 2015 trip where hopefully my wife Vicky will come as well. Please consider financially supporting our ministry as that massively helps with trips like this and the day to day costs of what we do.

But mostly please pray for me in the next couple of months. That God helps me prepare for my time there, and that I have some fantastic Jesus centred discussions with the LDS people that I speak too. Going to Utah is a massive high point for me in this ministry, and I will be keeping you well up to date with what goes on when I am there.

More updates on this to come.

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  1. I’ll be in Salt Lake and Provo witnessing with Truth in Love Ministry at that time.. God bless us all with his great harvest. And Christian missionaries should dress modestly when witnessing. A former mormon, Edy

  2. Hope to see you there Edy thanks for the comment.

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