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Recently Sandra Tanner of the Utah Lighthouse Ministry was interviewed by John Dehlin on the Mormon Stories podcast. This is generally a podcast I enjoy listening too anyway, but this was an outstanding set of episodes. Sandra and her late husband Jerald set up probably the longest ever running Christian ministry to Mormons and for years has produced information about the Mormon church, long before even the internet did that. In this interview Sandra goes right through her story and journey in running this ministry.


This has been my favourite set of podcasts about Mormonism for years and I cannot recommend listening to them enough. Please see videos and audio’s of all 4 parts below, or go to the Mormon Stories Podcast Website. (For the audios left click to listen or right click save link as to save.)


Part 1



Part 1 Audio.


Part 2



Part 2 Audio


Part 3



Part 3 Audio


Part 4



Part 4 Audio



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  1. I agree, these were a great set of interviews. I was reminded if an episode of the Unbelievable radio show from a few years ago. A Mormon gentleman was on representing the Church and was I think a public affairs representative. At one point he made a negative comment about Sandra Tanner claiming that she had been completely discredited. How wrong he was.

    What I liked about this Interview series is it is very clear that Sandra is not an “anti-Mormon”. Where an anti Mormon exists to destroy Mormonism. Sandra is not out for blood but interested in historical claims if Mormonism as shown in Mormon historical documents.

    Do spend the time listening to these podcasts.

  2. I thought it was excellent and reflective of her integrity, but I was disappointed she approved gay civil unions.

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