Utah 2014 Trip Is Here



Well this is it, less than 24 hours to go and I will be on my way to Utah for my 4th mission trip there. The purpose of this trip is to have some great witnessing encounters with some of the LDS community, and to have some great times with some Christian friends. Doing this ministry in the UK can sometimes feel a little lonely, and there is nothing like hanging out with people who put so much time and effort into reaching these great people.

For the next couple of weeks this site will become a kind of journal on all that’s going on. Please also follow me on twitter here, where I will do some shorter updates.

And please, please pray for me. This trip I am sure will be a lot of fun but it will be challenging too. I am going right to Mormon world central and I am certainly not expecting there to be queues of LDS people just waiting to reject Mormonism. My hope is I have lots of friendly respectful discussions. From some of my dialogues with LDS people in the apologetics sphere in the last year I have seen that even in the face of significant disagreement there can be love and respect shown. Please pray for me that this is evident in all of my interactions over there.

Throughout my time I am meeting up with various people including Sandra Tanner from Utah Lighthouse ministry, a few local church leaders and some other friends I have made online, and on past visits. It’s my hope to build some great links with ministries and churches in Utah that will carry on for years to come.

As well my wife Vicky and I are in faith that God may want us in Utah on a long term basis one day, please pray for us that this trip helps us gain some movement in that

It’s gonna be a fun trip and any prayers or comments are appreciated.


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  1. What are you traveling to Utah for? Seems like an inspiring trip to me :) I’m a member of the church and love Utah. I’m sure you’ll make some great friends there.


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