Is The Mormon Gospel the Biblical Gospel? Lynn Wilder vs Michael Flournoy – Unbelievable?



Well Lynn and Michael Wilder have gone home now after a great speaking tour in the UK. You can catch one of the sessions they did on our podcast here.  They did sessions in Kent, Wimbledon, Bradford and York. I believe in total around 250 people attended all of the sessions.

However while they were here Lynn also recorded an Episode of Unbelievable? With Justin Brierly. This is a really well done show where each week there is a dialogue between a Christian and a non Christian, or sometime in house issues amongst Christians. On this show Lynn has dialogue with a friend of mine Michael Flournoy. He wrote the book A Biblical Defense Of Mormonism, and is an LDS Apologist well experienced in dialoguing with Evangelicals.

You can catch the show on the Unbelievable? Site here, or below. If you don’t already regularly listen to this show, I think it really is the best Apologetics Radio show in the UK and covers a wide variety of fascinating issues. Their conference is actually being held in London next week, for more info on that see here. 


Is the Mormon gospel the Biblical gospel? Lynn Wilder vs Michael Flournoy – Unbelievable?

(left click to listen, right click then save link as to download.)

 As well if you are interested I recorded two episodes of this show a couple of years ago in dialoguing with active LDS member Charles Dayton. You can find those here and here. Also Russ East of our parent ministry Utah Partnerships for Christ, recorded an episode with LDS scholar Brian Hales last year, you can find that here. 


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  1. Bobby, I hope that your trip to Utah was enjoyable, not because of the reason you went, but that you appreciated the beauty of the valley and the tremendous effort and love that went into making the Salt Lake area into what it is today. I hope you realise that when the Saints arrived it was an arid desert, a place where Jim Bridger had said he would give a thousand dollars for the first bushel of corn grown in the Great Basin. The Saints have made, with the Lord’s help, the desert to blossom as a rose.

    That said I wish that you and your mates would show a bit of respect for the brethren you criticise, it is very offensive to see that you have so much prejudice against the leaders of our Church you cannot bring yourselves to even use their given names, you address them with their surnames. Is this a Calvanist thing, do you address your leaders by their surnames?

    Or should we address you as Gilpin, Livings, Carter etc. This does not do your image of being “Christian” men much good.

    I suppose I had better sign myself as Walsh

  2. No offence is intended by this Jeff, its something people do a lot in articles and I would do this about someone whether I agree with/respect them or not.

    Thanks for the comment Walsh:)

  3. If that is the case then in the future I will stick to articles written by people who address each other with respect. Jeff

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