From Mormonism To Christianity Conference 2014



Recently in Salt Lake City (of course) there was a very interesting conference. I thought it may help those that are interested (and maybe unaware) of this conference to have all of the talks available in one place. So please find the youtube videos and audio’s that you can download if you want below.

Some of the best people in the world (as far as I am concerned at least) on this subject are speaking here and it is so worth the time to listen. Some of the talks are not up yet and will be added as they become available.

For those if you in the UK that are Ex-Mormon or maybe just interested Christians. Would you like to see a conference like this in the UK? I really would, please get in touch and let me know if you feel the same way.


Earl Erskine – Former Mormon Bishop (left click to listen, right click, save link as to download)


Doris Hanson – Host of Polygamy What Love is this?



Doris Hanson speech at From Mormonism To Christianity Conference 2014


Kathy Baker – The Reliability of the Bible

Kathy Baker – The Reliability of the Bible


Lee Baker – Former Mormon Bishop – Teaching Mormons….Mormonism


Lee Baker – Teaching Mormons…. Mormonism


Aaron Shafovaloff – Matthew For Mormons


Aaron Shafovaloff – Matthew For Mormons


Andy Poland – President of Concerned Christians.


Andy Poland speaking at From Mormonism To Christianity Conference 2014


Tracey Tennant – Author of Mormonism The Matrix & Me



Tracy Tennant – Leaving Mormonism and 5 Mistakes Ex-Mormons Make


Questions and answers with all speakers.



Questions and Answers – From Mormonism To Christianity Conference 2014

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  1. Reblogged this on RESPOND and commented:
    Incredible resource here.

    My heart goes out to those who are submerged within Mormonism. It truly subverts the hope found in the Bible. Yet these folks don’t need to be rejected or accused.

    They need to be loved and believed in.

    They need the hope of the Jesus of the Bible held out to them. “Read the New Testament again as if you are a child.” — Lynn K. Wilder

    They need to opportunity to say yes to the truth!

    In related news…my wife Janet is reading Unveiling Grace by Lynn K. Wilder right now…and is really benefitting from the experience!


  2. Lee Baker’s talk was excellent. To the point and powerful. Always good to get a former-Mormon-turned-Christian’s take. Very often the most insightful points are made that way.

  3. “Always good to get a former-Mormon-turned-Christian’s take.”

    He never said that Mormons are not Christians; just different. Mormons acknowledge that up front.

    • Baker says elsewhere Mormonism is not Christian.

      Actually, as the frog in hot water, slowly coming to a boil… I thought I was already in the fire of Christianity when my delayed education caught-up with me and we realized that Mormonism was not Christianity. (see comments)

      Which I think is a fairly clear perspective he has. However I would agree that it’s right to never say a blanket statement of “Mormons are not Christians” this should never be said, as who is to say all Mormons aren’t? However I would agree that Mormonism as a whole is not Christian by any means.

  4. If you or anybody know certain Christian characteristics in mind that exclude Mormons who follow Church defined doctrine, I would sure like to see it. I’m talking about specific criteria. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints certainly get an abundance of vague groundless criticism. Until such a list can be produced, the assertion can be only be seen as bluster. (consider this a challenge)

  5. Mormon here – albeit a Jack Mormon. I have habits… I’m not an active member. I’m curious why some don’t consider Mormons Christians. I’m 3 generations deep and always thought of myself a Christian. I must admit personal conflicts with some Mormon tenets, but I have found similar or greater conflicts in other organized religions – but do not reject or malign them. They are doing Good. Ergo, my wife and I have embarked upon a study of Christ and God, their emissaries and any other Gods in an unrevealed heavenly hierarchy. Our study includes every text and scripture sanctioned and alleged to contain a Godly message or history on the subject of Christ and God. “Ponder” the scriptures… ACT! Doing Good, loving God, following the commandments – expounding the message if opportunity arises, pray earnestly and often, help and love your neighbor, every behavior that indulges God’s commandments, must be approved and encouraged by a loving God – it is written he does – copiously. I find moving and excellent information in Mormon scriptures that re-enforce my love and understanding of God. I find it unfortunate, in this world that has largely spit in the face of God, and Cristianity in particular, a world that chooses to denegrate the practice of religion – finding allies that share the basic set of beliefs, and importantly the VALUES – of Christianity, concerns me immensely. I suspect an alternative objective to tasrgeting Mormons. That is troubling as there are too many unGodly pressures and temptations surrounding us. Mormonism, is not a threat to Christianity and should be welcomed as a valid alternative of worship – one that keeps and treasures the central tenets of the Christian religion. What, afterall, is the Bible – if not a historical record of men seeking God, as best they might, records of God recognizing their efforts and helping fine tune those efforts? I hold God as our heavenly father and engineer of the universe. He too follows the fundamental laws he made and those laws compromise, by design. His relationship with us- Doing Good and God’s work is not bound to any earthly organization or requirements created by men, or their interpretations of God’s word. I ask you reconsider your position on Mormonsim. .

    • Hi there thanks a lot for your comment.

      Mormons as you know are fantastic people, adding a lot to the world when it comes to good morals and a good example of religion. I also agree that despite my views on Mormonism, the Mormon church is no massive threat to Christianity as a whole.

      I also struggle with the phrase “Mormons are not Christians”, who am I to make a general statement like that about so many millions of people? However the phrase “Mormonism is not Christian” is a phrase I very comfortably make.

      True Christianity consists of convicting sinners in their need for a Saviour and bringing them to a Jesus totally sufficient to make them righteous in the sight of God, by virtue of His work in them in response to their faith in Him. I see Christianity as Christ standing in front of the sinful world saying “Come to Me”.

      I see Mormonism as a works based system standing before Christ saying, if you want to get to Him, you need to do all that we ask of you. Have you heard of the Mormon hymn, I am a child of God, it has this line.

      Lead me, guide me, walk beside me,
      Help me find the way.
      Teach me all that I must do
      To live with him someday.

      This idea is written all over Mormonism, its no more clear than can be found in the temple. Do you really think that Jesus wants you to call your wife out of the grave in the next life, who is her Saviour Christ or you? Are handshakes going to make you acceptable to God?

      Mormonism takes the God centred gospel away and reintroduces a man centred, man dependant gospel. Unless you can give me a reason of substance why I am wrong, then my position remains the same.

      I really hope in your inactivity as a Mormon you consider issues like this. In my experience even inactive Mormons still defend it to the death, maybe their is an element of guilt that they do not meet the standards and so try and be faithful in that way, I am not sure but either way I am happy to talk more and help in anyway I can.

  6. “… the Mormon church is no massive threat to Christianity as a whole.”

    Rather like saying the SCOTUS is not a significant threat to the corrupting forces of American federal law. The members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) consistently set the high water mark on a Christian way of life that heals families and society. It’s documented quantitatively and qualitatively from all neutral sources.

    Your orthodox membership is primarily zero sum with independent mega churches killing traditional community churches.

    • So the highest rate of porn consumption being in Utah tells me what, Mormons are all nice on the surface but in reality porn addicts? hmmm, maybe these studies aren’t everything.

      I don’t see any benefit to going further with this one. I would be very surprised if your studies here has gone too much further than pro Mormon sources. But either way the truthfulness of the gospel is not found this way.

  7. “I don’t see any benefit to going further with this one.”
    Which “one” if anything might contribute to conversation and won’t get me deleted again?

    You know quite well that the majority of the population of Utah is NOT JC-LDS. Nor is porn commercially available in Utah.

    “The forbidden is really tempting,” University of Utah sociology professor Theresa A. Martinez told Davidson. “Where you have a culture that is known for family values, morality and apple pie, you will also have curiosity and interest in the forbidden.”

    • Hey there

      No danger of a deleted comment here:), however my point was that I don’t feel that studies showing how great LDS people are does not prove Mormonism true any more than studies showing that a lot of LDS people are viewing porn shows that Mormonism is false.

      I think the interest in the forbidden comment is fair, I also think there is a reason why this has come up in general conference so often,

      But anyway that’s by the by. My original comment that I think got your interest that is “… the Mormon church is no massive threat to Christianity as a whole.” still stands. This was not intended to be provocative though I can see why it may have been taken that way.

      My point is that I do not do this ministry because I see Mormonism as a threat, I do it because I love the Mormon people and want to communicate what I see as the true gospel to you guys. I think there are threats to Christianity as a whole going on right now from within, I far from think we are untouchable, but we are by no means seeing a mass exodus of evangelicals converting to Mormonism was my point.

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