Happy New Year All – Lots Coming In 2015

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Hi there all, happy new year to you, I hope you had a great Christmas and you are all ready for another year of lifes ups and downs and all that brings. I know I am.

Well I just wanted to give a little update on what’s coming both as a blog and a ministry in the coming year. As some of you may know this blog is one of a number of sites run under the ministry UK Partnerships for Christ. We are the UK Branch of Utah Partnerships for Christ led by Russ East in Ogden, Utah.

We have been going for a few years now and up to this point we have exclusively focused on Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses, while this is going to remain very much a main focus we are starting to move into the area of apologetics as a whole in 2015.

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Firstly on a more local level to where I am. We are starting a regular event called Apologetics in Teesside, meeting in St Timothy’s Church Hemlington in Middlesbrough, in the North East of England. This starts February the 14th and will be a bi-monthly meeting looking at various areas such as The Resurrection of Christ, the  Reliability of the Bible, Islam and other areas. All are welcome to this, please get in touch for more information. Our first event is on Saturday 14th February and is on “What is Apologetics?”

Kind of alongside this I am going to be starting a monthly radio show on Cross Rhythms Teesside. This can be picked up on 107.1fm in my local area, staring on Sunday 18th of January at 7pm. I think it will be streaming online at some point too. This will also be looking at general apologetics as a whole, though I am sure the issue of Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses will make an appearance here and there too.

Back onto Mormons there is much coming in 2015. This blog will start by finishing the “Weak Arguments Against Mormonism” Series. Fred. W. Anson of the Beggars Bread Blog is, I think doing an outstanding job with this and I really appreciate him letting us publish these posts on here.

Usually I have a big schedule planned for the whole year but this time I have decided not to do that. I want to start writing posts a bit more spontaneously responding to current events in Mormonism, I don’t think we have done that too much on here. Also I want to start looking at some of the issues I personally find come up in my dialogue with Mormons, issues such as the misconception of Modalism that seems to keep coming up regarding the Trinity, and others too.

If you are LDS or Evangelical and you can think of issues that frequently come up that you would like to hear my view on, or discuss with me, then please leave a comment and we may well get to it.

As a ministry we also have a few things coming. Praise God we managed to raise the needed funds and so myself and Tony Brown from this ministry and also a local Christian called Lee, are able to go to Utah on a mission trip in June. Its strange every time I go to Utah I tell myself this will be the last time, but a way always appears to go again, expect more on that in the near future.

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As well in September 2015 we have Bill Mckeever of Mormonism Research Ministry coming to do a speaking tour of the UK. I will be travelling with Bill, we are looking at putting on an event of our own in Bradford and London while he is here, and we have also had interest from Northern Ireland and Scotland to have Bill speak. If you are interested in hearing more about this, or possibly hosting Bill at your church, please let me know.

Finally we are also in the process of seeking to become an Official Charity, this will greatly help us with having partnership with other ministries and fundraising.

So as you can hopefully see there is lots coming and who knows what else may come up. As ever we seek to be a support to those that are in the process of leaving Mormonism and groups like it, and we also are seeking opportunities to speak at churches and Christian events across the UK. You can see to the right of the screen any upcoming events. Our first event is in Leeds on the 10th of January at 10am at Christ Church Manston Gardens, Sandiford close, where I will be speaking on Mormonism. 

If you would be interested in having one of us come and do a session at your church, please get in touch. Here are a couple of comments I have had from sessions I have given in 2014. To see other things I have done please click “Ministry Media” above.

“We were thrilled when Bobby came and addressed us – a group of student workers who are all involved in evangelism through Christian Unions in the North East.  He clearly has an extensive knowledge of Mormonism, and how best to relate to Mormons.  I was impressed by how he was able to critique ideas thoroughly but also compassionately.  The whole team came away empowered and encouraged to have meaningful conversations with members of the Mormon church.” (Peter Dray, North East Regional Team Leader at UCCF: The Christian Unions)

Bobby Gilpin makes a presentation of Mormonism that is both informative and accessible. His knowledge of LDS Theology, history, and practice is never dry, and is balanced by a genuine love for the Mormon people. He has spent many hours talking with LDS both in the UK and in the USA and his determination to evangelize them is truly inspirational. Highly recommended. (Pastor Paul Jennings, Stockport Evangelical Church)


More than ever we need your support both in prayer and financially, as we expand the costs will expand as with anything like this. We have a number of very faithful supporters giving £5 or £10 a month, this is perfect as its a small amount for the giver and really helps us plan for the year ahead. Please consider supporting us in anyway that you can, please click support us above, or get in touch for more details.

And that’s it for now, hope to see many of you in 2015.


[email protected]
07828 – 745582

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