Utah 2015 Mission Trip, Days 1 and 2


Well, it’s been a fun first couple of days in Utah, we made the 20 or so hour journey with no delays, and then started some exploring on Thursday. For our first day we just got used to the place. The first thing we did was take Sandra Tanner our for lunch. She will need little introduction for many, but Sandra runs Utah Lighthouse Ministry and is a descendent of Brigham Young. This was a great chance for us to hear from her experiences of ministering in Utah, and help us gain some focus for our witnessing while we are here. 
Then for that afternoon we had a look around temple squre in Salt Lake City, and did a tour of the 21.000 seater conference centre. For Lee and Tony particularly who have never been here before, it was an excellent introduction to the Mormon side of Utah, seeing up close just how Mormon dominated it is here. For many that’s obvious but when you are used to secular England, and come somewhere like here, its very surreal. 

That evening we went too Ensign Peak, which is just simply an amazing spot to get pictures of Salt Lake City, I had never been here before and was blown away by the view. 
On Friday we met up with Eric, a Mormon friend of mine, this was a great discussion at a Mexican restaurant in Layton. One of the great things about coming to Utah a few times is that we can build relationships with people in Utah that then go beyond our visits. 

Then that afternoon we went to Temple Square and started handing out some tracts, and trying to witness to people there. Tony got talking to a homeless guy called Cory, who is LDS. Because of his appearance, he is often not welcome in LDS wards, or on Temple Square. Tony had a great talk with him and tried to share the gospel of grace, Corey kept saying “I am just doing my best”, as many Mormons feel they have to do to be “exalted.”

Today we are going to Provo, where we are gonna explore a bit, and then hang out with some LDS guys this evening. We are loving it so far and coping with the hot weather. We have quite a varied trip coming up with 4 nights of witnessing at the Manti Pageant, which should be the ministry highlight of the trip. We are also spending some time with Mark Cares from “Truth In Love Ministry” on Sunday and Monday too.

Please pray for us, and watch this space for more updates on what we are up to. 

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  1. ”How can we worship a homeless man on Sunday and ignore one on Monday?”
    ~Shane Claiborne

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