Bill McKeever’s 2015 Visit to the UK


We had a really great time having Bill McKeever of Mormonism Research Ministry over to the UK last month. During this time Bill spoke at our conference days in London and Bradford, and also at events in Northern Ireland, and Scotland.

Bill also recorded an episode of Unbelievable? having dialogue with a Mormon Bishop on the issue of grace.

This was a great week for us as a ministry being able to hold sessions for a number of Christians, equipping them to share their faith with Mormons, and for me to spend time with Bill and learn more from him about his ministry and passion for what God has called him to do.

For those of you that were unable to make the sessions, the recordings for the main things Bill did while over here are below. Also with a few pictures taken during the trip.

2015-09-26 15.19.49

For the first Saturday of Bill’s trip we had our Bradford Conference day, here are the 3 sessions that Bill did, really looking at the hows and whys of communicating the gospel to Mormons.

As well as that there is the recording of a sermon that Bill did at Sunbridge Road Mission on the Sunday Morning.

Bradford Conference Session 1


Bradford Conference Session 2


Bradford Conference Session 3


Sunbridge Road Mission

Bill’s Sermon “To Speak Boldly”, at Sunbridge Road Mission Church.


2015-09-25 13.23.47

Bill’s dialogue with James Holt, on Unbelievable?


This was an excellent time, and I hope you enjoy the above audio’s. A massive thank you to all that helped make this happen, particularly Russ East of Utah Partnerships for Christ.

While Bill has gone home, we at UPFC UK are here and are very passionate about this ministry. We are very much available to speak at your church or event, please get in touch if this is of interest.

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  1. Thanks Bobby! Great to hear from and meet Bill. Great to see you all too briefly. Let’s put that right☺

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