Recommended Books About Mormonism


Every now and then I get asked what books I would recommend about Mormonism, here are what I would consider to be some of the most helpful books on getting to grips with Mormonism, the books here are from various perspectives. I will give a bit of an explanation why for each of them too.

This list is a work in progress, and will have books added over time. I will also add a link to the Amazon UK page for these books in their titles.

Finally by way of introduction this is part of a wider plan I have to put reviews on this site, if you have recommendations, or you are writing a book and want to pass me a review copy, I would love to hear from you.


Christian Perspective

These are books written by evangelical Christians looking at how to witness to Mormons giving some good basic introduction about Mormonism along the way, all of these books are good places to start.

Mormonism 101 by Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson



This is a classic book that gives an outstanding introduction to Mormonism and some key beliefs, also giving a Biblical response, looking at how we can have meaningful dialogue with Mormons. The authors Bill McKeever And Eric Johnson are I would say among the worlds best resources for this subject.




Speaking The Truth In Love To Mormons by Mark Cares.



Outstanding book, that not only gives an introduction to Mormon beliefs and how we might respond, but focuses a lot on our approach, and the significance of keeping up to date with current Mormon teachings.





I Love Mormons by David Rowe



This book is one of the most influential books I have read in my 12 years or so of ministry. There is very little in this book about Mormon doctrine etc, but a lot about our approach and how we view Mormons and how we dialogue with them, I stopped thinking of Mormonism as a cult when I read this, and started thinking of it more as a culture, or a people group, that need reaching, I cannot recommend this book enough.




Mormon Perspective

One thing which I think is very helpful when beginning to learn about Mormonism is not just to read books by non Mormons talking about problems in Mormonism, but also to read books by Mormons, explaining their faith, what they believe and why they believe it. I think doing this gives us a clearer perspective on what Mormons believe, and more credibility when having dialogue with them.

Our Search For Happiness by Russell Ballard



This is written by current Mormon Apostle Russell Ballard, and gives a good overview of basic Mormon belief from a more devotional perspective, interesting place to start.





Offenders For A Word by Daniel Peterson



Many may not realise this but Mormon Apologetics, or the defence of the Mormon faith is a big deal within Mormonism. This is a classic book in that field by Daniel Peterson, who many consider to be the worlds top Mormon Apologist. This book is a response to the evangelical claim that Mormons are not Christians, he makes some points here worthy of consideration, which if thought about will prepare you well for discussions about this.



Changes in Mormonism

One of the key indicators of a lack of divine guidance in the Mormon church is the changes over time to key texts and beliefs, these books are simply outstanding in showing this and have taught me a lot.

This Is My Doctrine – The Development Of Mormon Theology – Charles R Harrell



Written by a faithful Mormon BYU Professor, this book is incomparable with clearly stating how Mormon beliefs have changed and developed over the years, this is by no means intending to be a critical book, but is very honest and so worth a read.





Mormonism and The Nature Of God – A Theological Evolution – Kurt Widmer



Every bit as good as the book above, but focusing exclusively on the nature of God within Mormonism, I learned a lot from this book, really good.






The Changing World Of Mormonism – Jerald And Sandra Tanner

download (1)


A classic book that just goes through everything, this is a decent enough sized book that is an abridgement of the Tanners Classic book Mormonism Shadow Or Reality, which is massive.

You can actually download this free as a PDF at Sandra Tanners site here.




Ex-Mormon Stories


Unveiling Grace by Lynn Wilder



If you have not heard the story of the Wilder’s yet then please get this book, this is by far the most inspiring and encouraging book of its kind that I have ever read. As a result of one Mormon missionary coming to Christ on his mission, pretty much his whole family did the same, this is his ex BYU Professor mother Lynn’s story.


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